Ok for advertising, but not for breast feeding?

Friday, July 7, 2017

A Texas mother was told other patrons at an indoor trampoline park were bothered by her breastfeeding her daughter in public, but that isn’t what raised her ire.

That came from another mother, whom soon got an earful about the subject.

Kayla Martinez said after she was finished, she was politely informed by a manager that other customers had complained to staff about her breastfeeding.

She then moved to a more secluded spot to continue feeding her daughter, when she was confronted by another woman.

“You’re a bad mother,” the woman reportedly told her. “Your breasts are being sexual around children.”

“I told her that she had several options,” said Martinez. “She could educate her family about what breasts are used for. Two, that she could leave Air U because I would not, or three, get used to me nursing my daughter because it wouldn’t be that much longer that I was there regardless.”

Lactation experts say that while baby formula generally has all the nutrients babies need, breast milk goes a step farther in helping children grow.

One expert contacted by the NBC station that originally reported the story said women are actually more likely to berate breastfeeding mothers in public more often than men do.

It’s ironic that the same people who object to a natural activity like breastfeeding seem to have no problem with advertising using the same part of the body to sell everything from beer to burgers.

Thankfully, most nursing women are discreet in making one of the most personal, intimate connections between a mother and child.

And, thankfully, most people are thoughtful enough to look the other way.

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