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Partisans and Technocrats

Monday, August 15, 2016

Dear Editor,

An acquaintance recently informed me that the opinions of a certain news source were "rather partisan ..." But every opinion is partisan -- including those we hold to be "fair and balanced" -- which is why I quit buying the devious brand of discourse pushed by our ministry of propaganda, mistakenly named the American free press.

"Lies of omission and commission" describes the majority of mainstream news reporting today -- a spectacle of pretext, pretense and opinion having no more substance than a Potemkin village. Welcome to American Kabuki Theater. Consider that all major news and entertainment outlets are owned by the same powerful few of global corporations, and then realize that the scripted "liberal vs. conservative" narrative parroted by the plastic personalities of the press is but a parody of truth. It is pabulum for the infantile, whose lazy intellects prefer to sip cocktails of banal nonsense and sordid gossip, rather than chew the meat of objective facts. Thinking for ones' self is hard work -- much easier it is to swallow and regurgitate some popular consensus -- and in so doing we become complicit in weaving this tapestry of deceit.

Our insatiable appetite for the trite, vulgar and sensational has created a techno-Frankenstein. The torrent of theatrical mush that passes for useful information is continuously pumped by a media cabal whose CEO's owe no loyalty to truth, nation or political party; but rather their allegiance is to a global oligarchy of "technocrats," who use media as their primary weapon against the masses. However, our national addiction to social exhibitionism has produced the voyeuristic cult that keeps the media's fantasy running wide open -- while, ironically, our view of reality becomes increasingly narrowed. Thus the sad paradox of our own making is that we no longer have a constitutional republic, but an oligarchic technocracy.

The raison d''tre of this technocracy is to keep the people dumb and numb, indifferent to reality, habitually plugged into our machines while anticipating greater feats of electronic wonder -- anything to shutter us from contemplating our mortality. Life is reduced to a video game, a set of continuously upgraded applications to amuse the walking dead -- those who prefer 'Pokémon Go!' to living with purpose. Like an addiction, this "craving for the amazing" blinds its junkies from desiring anything beyond their next fix of superficial wonder. And the pushers guarantee us an uninterrupted supply of techno tranquilizers to keep the "customers" hooked, while the global oligarchs surreptitiously solidify their tyrannical technocratic grip.

"Give us bread and circuses!" cry the techno-addicts, as their overlords prepare to assimilate them into the collective. Those whom the conspirators fail to "re-program" through social engineering, the "delete" by civil unrest, pandemics and war ... "Black Lives Matter! - Kill the Cops!" The globalists will maintain control by hook or crook! They have subjugated the family with contraception, seduced mothers to murder their own children, and declared the culling of the sick and elderly a work of mercy. We cannot have these unwashed masses exhaling toxic CO2 upon Mother Gaia! Give us self-imposed genocide! Give us same-sex "marriage!" And, so to appease the rancor of reprobates, let us instruct our sons and daughters that they are not boys and girls created in God's image; but rather they may will themselves novel "gender identities." Screw procreation! "This is the 21st century, we are the final solution to your carbon footprint, and you will comply! " -- declare the oligarchs of the technocracy. Satan is laughing his infernal butt off over our narcissistic insanity.

This is spiritual warfare, because the minds of our political, cultural and spiritual "watchdogs" are governed by demonic narcissism. What startles is how many consent to the rule of vicious godless tyrants. But, as we turn our backs to him, God respects our free will choice and allows us to choose the leaders we deserve.

We forget there shall come the day of divine reckoning, for the prince of this world is already defeated. Man's kingdom -- with its faithless governments and faux glory, its corrupt monetary systems and godless ideologies -- shall be brought to nothing. To quote the song, all of man's kingdoms are but "dust in the wind." The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will triumph through the Kingship of Christ and the Queenship of Mary ...

Then will govern the true Light of the World -- and His reign shall be eternally "partisan."

Bruce C. Desautels

Stratton, Neb.

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  • Excellent Article, Brother Bruce. Now, if only the sleeping giant, The People of Earth, will awaken, and take note of what is going on, at their door-step, to, at the least, see and know the Time we are In.

    I fear, 'We the People,' have overslept, and sufficient Damage has been done/completed, to 'Sink, our Church of State, and Way of Life,' soon, succumbing to the onrushing Slavery, that inevitably follows the Death of Freedom.

    IMHO, We, the 'Church/Bride,' of Messiah/Jesus, will be gone, soon, that the 'Restrainer' be taken, for the Beast to take over most of the Planet/Countries, to fulfill the Prophecies of Tribulation's Seven Years of Hell on Earth.

    May, they, not yet Reborn, find the Path to Salvation, in Jesus, and join us as His Church/Bride, before the 'One-Time' Snatching Away, when the Trumpets of God Harold His Arrival.


    -- Posted by Navyblue on Wed, Aug 17, 2016, at 11:35 AM
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