Letter to the Editor

Pets need love

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dear Editor,

"Thank you" goes to Jennifer Johnson and Dr. Nate Kotschwar for saving Mr. Pickles, the abused kitten.

The world needs more people like you!

All creatures have the right to not be abused and thrown aside like a piece of trash.

Everyone who ons a pet has the responsibility to take care of that pet.

The pet needs love, food and a safe environment.

I totally agree that saying shame on you to the abuser would have no impact on that person.

Also agree that I hope they never feel helpless when someone decides you are not worth their compassion.

I am the proud owner of two dogs and I got one of my dogs from the Humane Society in McCook. He was also abused before I got him and he was afraid of a lot of things, but not now.


Genevieve L. Magee,

Atwood, Kansas

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