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Collective Amnesia
Posted Sunday, January 15, at 6:38 PM
You are an amazing bunch. Your collective amnesia now not only covers the entire eight years of Bush but now extends to your attitudes for the last eight years of Obama. That is 16 years you want the rest of America to simply forget. After these four years, if we get that far, you will want us to forget these four years as well...

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Of Safe Spaces
Posted Tuesday, January 10, at 9:04 AM

I hate to tell you this but for almost a month I have trolled you and you have taken it hook, line, and sinker. You have been so overly sensitive about Trump's win loss that the mere mention of anything critical sent you in a froth. You got so upset you screamed that I did not respect your rights to voice your opinions. ...

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You Have a Problem
Posted Friday, January 6, at 12:57 PM

It has been very interesting, funny, unsettling, and disturbing to watch the comments over the last few blogs. Not just because of the blind allegiance to President-elect Trump, but more so in the efforts in who has been actively defended and trashed at the same time...

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Draining The Swamp Indeed!
Posted Tuesday, January 3, at 11:13 AM

Apparently, Republicans do not have the slightest clue what the phrase "drain the swamp" actually means. Of course, it could be that they were completely lying and/or fooled. I will give you credit and believe it is the former because the latter makes you look so absolutely horrible at best and absolutely gullible at worst...

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The Resistance Movement
Posted Saturday, December 17, at 9:41 PM

A lot has been made of Donald Trump's stunning upset in the electoral college over Hillary Clinton. Sure, he lost the general election by nearly 3 million votes (as of this writing) more than an presidential candidate who has won the White House without winning the popular vote, and sure every state pick up that he made (Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin) all had exit polling showing the results being much different than they actually ended up being...

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Genral Election Prediction
Posted Monday, November 7, at 11:13 PM

Well after nearly two years we have made to Election Day and I am ready to make my prediction for how the race will turn out. I will also offer up best case scenarios for each candidate. Just as a reminder I picked the 2012 race with 100% accuracy, though I was mocked and derided for, but I digress. I do not expect lightening to hit twice but here's to hoping:...

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Final General Election Projection
Posted Sunday, October 30, at 10:39 AM

This will be my final projection before the election. On Tuesday we will be one week away, so my next posting on the election will be my predictions. I will go more in depth on that blog but essentially I will make three predictions: the most likely outcome, Trump's best scenario, and Clinton's best scenario...

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Week 21 General Election Projection
Posted Saturday, October 22, at 12:23 PM

This projection comes in a iffy spot for projections. The final debate was this week and there have been no polls released that were done after the debate. So the projections stays the same. At this point the map has settled down considerably from late September-early October. Things could still change but we are now less than three weeks from election day and several states have already started early voting...

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The End?
Posted Thursday, October 20, at 9:07 PM

In 2008, after then Senator Barack Obama had won the election in what is considered a landslide, I had posted here that National Republican Party was essentially dead. I went on and said that the Republican Party would become a regional party, specifically in the southeastern portion of the United Stated and the Plains...

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Week 20 General Election Projection
Posted Saturday, October 15, at 2:33 PM

Pennslyvania drops back down to the Toss-Up status. Though Clinton's lead has maintained between 4 and 5 in most polls her lead is still under the threshold to stay out of the toss-ups. Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com http://www.270towin.com/maps/BWlwA...

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Week 19 General Election Profection
Posted Saturday, October 8, at 11:02 PM

Georgia is now out of the toss up states as Trump's lead has blossomed above 5 points. Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com http://www.270towin.com/maps/1AAnN Toss-Up States Missouri Four new polls this week saw Trump's decrease slightly. His lead is 4.81 in 32 polls 42.94-38.13. Just as last week, Trump lead in three of the four polls this week with comfortable enough margins that his lead only dipped a little...

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Week 4 NFL Rankings
Posted Tuesday, October 4, at 11:38 AM

Figures, I talk up the Patriots and they lay an egg against the Bills and drop from the undefeateds. In related news, Tom Brady returns from his "no way this is real" suspension. RANKINGS 1. Denver Broncos (up 1) 4-0 It looks like the Broncos are for real. The amazing thing is that Gary Kubiak is actually running the offense he wants to run instead of the offense he ran under Peyton Manning. Trevor Siemian was injured but it was not a major injury and is expected to play next week...

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College Football Ranking Week 1
Posted Sunday, October 2, at 12:32 PM

There is a reason that I believe that rankings should not begin until October. You truly do not know how teams will look until they have played for a couple of weeks. Even from my pre-season rankings we have learned that Florida, Florida State, Notre Dame, and Oregon were overrated while teams like Houston were underrated. ...

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Week 18 General Election Projection
Posted Saturday, October 1, at 12:22 PM

This week's projection occurs primarily before most polls are out post-debate. Every scientific poll that came out after the debate showed Clinton winning and the first few national and state polls performed after the debate also show a boost to Clinton...

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Week 3 NFL Rankings
Posted Tuesday, September 27, at 1:00 PM

Somehow, last week, I completely neglected posting a Week 2 Ranking. I am not entirely sure why it skipped my mind but I do apologize. With that being said there is my Week 3 NFL Rankings. Next Sunday will be my first college football Top 25. Rankings...

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Week 17 General Election Projection
Posted Sunday, September 25, at 3:15 PM

Another week with really no change. It does appear at this time that Trump's surge has stalled as only one delegate moved and that was Main's District 2 that went from lean to likely. With the first debate taking place on Monday depending on who is seen as the window (by the voters not the media) we should not really see any kind of movement (if any) until Friday, possibly not until the following Monday...

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Week 16 General Election Projection
Posted Sunday, September 18, at 3:38 PM

Another week has passed us by and Donald Trump continues to gain ground on Clinton. Just as I stated after Clinton took a huge lead after the conventions it is way too early to be reading to much into the polls. The latter part of the month was good to Trump, despite his many gaffes, because the Clinton team felt it better just to stay out of his way instead of pressing on him. ...

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Week 1 NFL Rankings
Posted Tuesday, September 13, at 3:30 PM

Well the first week saw some exciting games but also saw more questions than answers. Will the Cowboys truly survive without Romo and a rookie starting? How bad is Washington? And many more. Rankings 1. New England Patriots/1-0 For now, it appears that the Patriots truly are a team where if someone is injured or suspended, it's next person up. ...

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Week 15 General Election Projection
Posted Saturday, September 10, at 8:14 PM

This update is coming a little later in the day today than I had originally wanted. Late yesterday there was a data dump as a new pollster was added to the mix. Google Consumer Surveys. I will be honest I know next to nothing about the group but I will keep an eye on them. The group seems to be decent as the polls tend to agree mostly with other polls...

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Week 14 General Election Projection
Posted Saturday, September 3, at 7:24 PM

Click the map to create your own at 270toWin.com http://www.270towin.com/maps/QRgO2 Mississippi moves from Likely to Safe for Trump Nebraska is a state worth watching. Three polls have been released two with Trump leading by 6 and 7 and one showing Clinton up by 3. This could be hinting at Clinton winning the 3rd District in the state which includes Omaha and potentially also the Second District which includes Lincoln...

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