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April Super Tuesday
Posted Monday, April 25, at 10:39 PM
April 26 is the biggest day of primaries in April. There are four contests in both parties consisting of Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, and Delaware. The Democratic primary continues its slugfest down the stretch. At this point in the Republican primary Donald Trump is the only candidate that can reach the nomination before the convention. ...

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New York Primary
Posted Monday, April 18, at 10:39 AM

Tomorrow marks among the biggest primary gains for both parties in a single contest. On the Republican side there are 95 delegates up for grabs, while on the Democratic side 247 delegates are up for grabs. I have been keeping track of the delegates all season long and after looking at several different places that also keep track of the delegate count I have decided to match my delegate count as close to www.fivethirtyeight.com as possible. ...

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Wisconsin Primary
Posted Tuesday, April 5, at 8:49 AM

Today is the day that we see if the Bernie Roll continues or is stopped in it's tracks. Today will also see if Ted Cruz can mount a serious campaign against Donald Trump and close his gap. First, however, just some housecleaning when it comes to the delegate count. I have put all of the delegates down to make sure that I am reporting them to you as correct as possible...

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Feel the Bern
Posted Tuesday, March 29, at 10:30 AM

So, today (with a week before the next primary), I have decided to endorse Bernie Sanders for President. Looking at the five remaining candidates the two Democrats stand the best chance of becoming president. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders defeat the Republicans with ease in polling that has been performed. ...

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Primary Housecleaning
Posted Sunday, March 27, at 5:30 PM

With this week being an off week for both parties (the next primary is the Wisconsin primary on April 5. North Dakota is technically up next for the Republicans on April 3 but since their delegates are not bound until the convention it does not got into the totals) I have decided to do a little housecleaning with the current delegates to make sure that everything is as up to date as possible...

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The Last March Primaries
Posted Monday, March 21, at 10:34 PM

Tuesday, March 22 and Saturday, March 26 mark the last primaries for the month of March. The Republicans have two while the Democrats have six. First, a little house cleaning. The vote has finally come in from Democrats Abroad and Bernie Sanders has his most decisive win yet. He won the vote 69-31% with Bernie picking up 9 delegates to Clinton's 4...

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The Case Against Trump and Cruz
Posted Sunday, March 20, at 10:29 PM

With the primary season about to come to a crawl as there is not a lot of delegates to hand out in April as compared to what we have seen in March and what is coming in June I thought I would delve into some of the politics. Republicans in the remaining states have a very difficult choice to make in the coming months. ...

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Super Tuesday Part Deux Results
Posted Thursday, March 17, at 2:18 AM

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won big on Tuesday but the only thing we actually found out was that Marco Rubio after being beaten handily in his home state dropped out of the race. I am going to try something a little different with this results with hopes that it will be a little clearer and neater. ...

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Super Tuesday Part Deux
Posted Monday, March 14, at 6:57 PM

Tomorrow is Tuesday which must mean another day of primaries. Not only that, this Tuesday's primaries have enough delegates available on both sides that the current leaders can take a demanding lead or those behind can make some serious damage to the leaders...

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The M Primaries
Posted Monday, March 7, at 12:19 PM

I call this weeks slate of primaries the M primaries because the two major primaries are Michigan and Mississippi on the 8th. The Republicans have more at stake this week as including the two above primaries they have a primary in Idaho as well as caucuses in Hawaii and DC. Guam has a convention but it's delegates are unbound so nothing will be awarded until the convention. There will also be results from the US Virgin Islands...

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The Unknown Primaries
Posted Friday, March 4, at 11:12 PM

There will be six total primaries and caucuses over the next two days and there is very little polling data for any of them. On tap for Saturday are the Kansas Caucuses for both parties, the Kentucky caucus for the Republicans, the Louisiana primaries for both parties, the Maine caucus for the Republicans, and the Nebraska caucus for the Democrats...

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Super Tuesday Results
Posted Wednesday, March 2, at 4:33 PM

As predicted neither front runner was able to deliver a knock out punch. Of the two Clinton came the closest but Bernie still has life as I will explain. I was way off on Rubio who I believed on the polling was rising and would be able to secure enough second place finishes to challenge Trump. ...

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Super Tuesday
Posted Monday, February 29, at 11:10 PM

We are here. Super Tuesday or what the media is calling SEC Primaries because some of the states have teams in the Southeastern Conference and that really seems to be the only reason. Two things are clear going into tomorrow; If Hillary can follow up her dominant performance in South Carolina with dominating performances tomorrow the Democratic primary is all but hers. ...

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The Caucus System Needs To Go
Posted Tuesday, February 23, at 7:48 PM

There are several issues our elections face today; from the outdated two party system, outside money, the super rich and super pacs getting involved in politics. What I am writing about today is the caucus system that both the Republican and Democratic parties employ during their primary season. Currently, roughly 14 states (including Nebraska), DC, and all territories vote using this system...

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The Next Two Weeks
Posted Saturday, February 20, at 10:24 AM

We have just a little under two weeks before what is known as Super Tuesday in primary season (or as some are now calling it the SEC primaries, due to the number of southern states voting), but before that we have a couple of primaries and caucuses to discuss...

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Politics Season Has Begun
Posted Tuesday, February 9, at 8:41 AM

Hello everyone. I am back for what promises to be a great 2016 political season. Now that all football is over until September with the Denver Broncos defeating the Carolina Panthers in a great Super Bowl if you like defense (I do) it is time to focus, for this person, and the political season...

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Goodnight Sweet Prince
Posted Wednesday, August 13, at 12:03 AM

By now every one knows the tragic news that Robin Williams took his own life. It is a tragic ending to a great man's life made worse by the news that he had been fighting severe depression for most of his life. I absolutely believe that taking one's own life is a cowardly act, but even with this belief I cannot get past the crushing loss that I feel with Robin's death...

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The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same
Posted Saturday, August 9, at 2:13 AM

Certain people would really like you to believe that both sides of the political aisle are to blame for the divisiveness we see today. They want you to believe that idea so badly they will blog about how they believe both sides are to blame ... until they comment on their own blog and the truth comes out. What they actually believe is that only one side is actually to blame and the other side (their side) is just too cowardly to stand up to the other side...

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Elections Matter
Posted Thursday, October 17, at 12:20 PM

We hear this from time to time from both left and right of the political aisle. Elections do matter, but the results are what matter the most, especially in national elections. After the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was passed in 2009 it angered a lot of people. ...

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Keep Them Close
Posted Tuesday, October 15, at 4:44 PM

As some of you know, by now, my dad had a extreme health scare last week. It was touch and go for a few hours. When my mother called me to let me know what was going on I felt like a lost kid. I immediately called my dad, he was still at the McCook hospital waiting for transport to Kearney. He sounded extremely week and much older than he actually is. At the end of the call he told me that he loved me and I had to fight my emotions harder than I ever have just to tell him the same...

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