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Monday, Feb. 8, 2016
Goodnight Sweet Prince
Posted Wednesday, August 13, at 12:03 AM
By now every one knows the tragic news that Robin Williams took his own life. It is a tragic ending to a great man's life made worse by the news that he had been fighting severe depression for most of his life. I absolutely believe that taking one's own life is a cowardly act, but even with this belief I cannot get past the crushing loss that I feel with Robin's death...

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The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same
Posted Saturday, August 9, at 2:13 AM

Certain people would really like you to believe that both sides of the political aisle are to blame for the divisiveness we see today. They want you to believe that idea so badly they will blog about how they believe both sides are to blame ... until they comment on their own blog and the truth comes out. What they actually believe is that only one side is actually to blame and the other side (their side) is just too cowardly to stand up to the other side...

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Elections Matter
Posted Thursday, October 17, at 12:20 PM

We hear this from time to time from both left and right of the political aisle. Elections do matter, but the results are what matter the most, especially in national elections. After the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was passed in 2009 it angered a lot of people. ...

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Keep Them Close
Posted Tuesday, October 15, at 4:44 PM

As some of you know, by now, my dad had a extreme health scare last week. It was touch and go for a few hours. When my mother called me to let me know what was going on I felt like a lost kid. I immediately called my dad, he was still at the McCook hospital waiting for transport to Kearney. He sounded extremely week and much older than he actually is. At the end of the call he told me that he loved me and I had to fight my emotions harder than I ever have just to tell him the same...

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It Begins ... Again
Posted Wednesday, October 2, at 1:58 PM

The national "liberal" media would have you believe that the government shut down can be blamed on both sides of the political spectrum, but that is just plain hogwash. The current incantation of the Republican Party has been looking for a way to shut down the federal government and they finally found that way, the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. ...

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I .... Disagree
Posted Friday, September 6, at 1:40 AM

As soon as President Obama unveiled plans to bomb Syria I was filled with great sorrow and anger. This country does not need another war even if it is bombing certain targets. While I am satisfied that he is going before Congress to get permission I am very hopeful that it will fail horribly...

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Posted Wednesday, March 13, at 3:39 PM

If you have not noticed I have been blogging less and less. It is not for a shortage of information that is out there. I recently started a new job and it has taken up a lot of my time. Plus, I have gotten so sick and tired of the continued political circus all across this great nation of ours I am, for lack of better words, shell shocked...

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What About OUR Children?
Posted Sunday, February 17, at 1:05 PM

It's been awhile since I have written on here and the honest truth is I have not had anything to write about. In the time that I have written Obama was re-elected and the Republicans once again predicted doom. There was the Newtown massacre which was naturally followed by the suggestion that the only way to stop future massacres was to arm every teacher, you know more guns is always the solution. ...

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My Top 10 Video Games
Posted Friday, November 16, at 10:15 AM

A switch of directions away from politics this morning. I got to thinking (while waiting for tickets to Eden's Edge to go on sale, if they ever do) about what my favorite video games are. So, here they are starting at number ten (note: if I have not played a game it doesn't appear on my list, so there will be some highly popular games that do not appear on my list, like any of the Call of Duty series):...

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The Welfare Queen Myth
Posted Wednesday, November 14, at 6:08 PM

The myth of the welfare queen has been around since the 1980s. Of course when this term was first uttered it was known it was a myth. It was just a good way in scaring people to vote for the Republican Party. They have been buying it for twenty years and there is certainly no signs that they are going to see the light any time soon...

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The National Hissie Fit
Posted Monday, November 12, at 7:18 PM

National Republicans are still trying to figure out how they could possibly have lost to President Obama. They believed the polling they followed was the correct polling (though two of them Rasmussen and Gallup were among the worst pollsters of this cycle), the fully believed what their talking heads on television and radio were telling them, that it would be a Romney romp...

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Post Election Analysis
Posted Thursday, November 8, at 4:03 PM

Over three years ago on this blog (actually it was my other blog on here) I wrote about my belief that the modern Republican Party looked to be fading away into one of the parties of the past. I have changed my mind on that to an extent. While the Republican Party is still a viable and strong political party at the state level the national party is, simply put, in shambles...

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Final Polling Projections
Posted Thursday, November 1, at 4:32 PM

We are now under a week from the 2012 Presidential Election. This will serve as my final projection. As I have stated previously this projection is solely from the averages in the state pollings, mind you this is the average and not the latest polling. The averages over the last several elections have been correct almost every time, the one difference was in 2000...

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The Fraud of Columbus
Posted Monday, October 8, at 11:11 AM

"In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue." We all know this line from our youth. We were taught that in 1492 Christopher Columbus set sail with three ships, Santa Maria, Pinta, and Nina, to prove that world was round. Instead he ended up in the Caribbean and would return three more times...

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Willard Romney - Oppurtunist Politician
Posted Tuesday, September 25, at 11:20 AM

I have been watching the Romney campaign from the very beginning. Since he entered the race both sides have tried to label him. Right leaning Republicans believe him to be liberal. Left leaning Democrats believe him to be conservative. The correct answer, in my opinion, is that they are both right. He leans whatever direction he believes gives him the best chance to be elected President. He is, to put it simply, and opportunist...

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Post-Convention Polling
Posted Friday, September 21, at 10:11 AM

Both conventions have now been held so that means it is time for the post-convention look at the polls and make another forecast for the electoral college. I waited a little longer than I had previously stated to this blog in order to wait for more states to release polling...

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Pre-Convention Polling
Posted Saturday, August 25, at 4:29 PM

With the Republican Convention taking place this week and the Democratic Convention soon after I thought it might be a cozy spot to track where the candidates are right now, electoral college anyways. After following politics intensely over the last 20 years one thing that I have seen is that national polling simply does not matter. The state polling is what needs to be watched. At the end of the it is the electoral college that decides the president, not the overall national election...

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Change the System
Posted Monday, August 20, at 12:02 PM

I have talked about this from time to time and the more time passes it becomes evident to me that it beyond time to change our political system. I am not talking about putting in phoney baloney term limits. We the people have the ultimate ability to put term limits on our elected officials, we do not need laws to help us with that...

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The Struggling Campaign
Posted Thursday, August 16, at 11:34 AM

In the last few weeks, the Romney campaign saw it's numbers start dwindling from what would have been a close election into a run away win for Obama. This should be a cakewalk election for whoever the Republican nominee is considering that unemployment is still relatively high, but the Republicans may have cut their own feet. ...

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July Observations
Posted Tuesday, July 31, at 12:00 PM

July was mostly a quiet month in the political world as Mitt Romney had already clinched the Republican nomination (or so we think) and both parties began to gear up for their respective conventions, set for this month. The Chick-fil-A debacle. The president and chief operation officer, Dan Cathy, came out against all things homosexual, most notably homosexual marriage, declaring that legalizing such marriage was "inviting God's judgment on our nation." (http://news.yahoo.com/chick-fil-president-gay-marriage-inviting-god-judgment-154602388.html). ...

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