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Death notice form

Use this form to submit your death notice to the McCook Daily Gazette newspaper. The Gazette will publish death notices daily on the local page for $10 per publication date. All death notices include a picture, flag for veterans and are posted on our website at no additional charge.

All individuals submitting death notices must provide payment, by calling in with credit card information or providing check or cash to our office staff, prior to the death notice printing in the paper. Established Funeral Homes may choose to be billed and provide billing information.

Your name, address, and telephone number must be included before the death notice will be published in the newspaper (this information is for verification only and will not be published).

Please ensure you do not submit information in all caps.

If you have any questions, call the local page editor at 308-345-4500 ext. 117 or email reporter@mccookgazette.com.

Your Contact Info:

Your name:

Daytime phone number:

Email address:

Death Notice or Obit:
This form is setup to follow the Death Notice ($10) format, if that is what you prefer please follow the Notes/explanation in each section. If you wish to submit an Obit ($50) you may format the information in your own words and include anything you desire. You may still use the form fields to submit the information or simply write the information in the Obit Information field.
Death Notice : $10
Obit : $50 for first 500 words, 10 cents for each additional word

Billing information:
Please call my included phone number to receive credit card information or establish an alternative payment method.
I will drop off payment prior to 10 a.m. of the day I wish the notice to print on.
I will mail a check that will arrive prior to 10 a.m. of the day I wish the notice to print on.
I represent an established funeral home and my billing information is included in the Obit information and additional comments field.

The Deceased:

Full name of deceased:
Include first name, middle name or initial and last name. If the deceased had a commonly known nickname you wish to be included please annotate it in quotations. If you wish to include a maiden name please annotate that in parenthesis.

Date of death:

Date of birth:

Residence at time of death:
City and state. If the deceased had only resided their a short time, for example for medical reasons, you may put their previous residence if you prefer.

Parents of the deceased:

Where born, grew up:
If you would like information regarding grade school, high school, trade school, colleges and any other training or education classes attended, include them in this field.

Military service:
Include service dates and places if known. A graphic of a U.S. flag will be included at no additional charge for all United States military veterans.

Marriage, life after marriage:
Include dates of marriage and to whom.

Place and length of employment, company, position held. Brief information regarding exemplary performance or awards may also be included.

Memberships, clubs, organizations, churches:

Preceded in death by:
Name and relation to the deceased.

Survived by:
Name and relation to the deceased. List only the number of grandchildren, great-grandchildren and beyond. Do not list cousins, nephews or nieces unless they are the only survivors.

Service Information:

Type of Service:
Memorial service
Funeral service
Graveside service
Rosary service
Vigil service

Service day, date and time:

Service location:

Interment or Inurnment:
Include whether it will be interment or inurnment, where it will take place and when. Interment = burial in a grave or tomb. Inurnment = placement or burial of ashes (after cremation).

Will there be visitation? When and where?

Memorial information:
Include information in regards to whom memorials have been established with or should be directed to.

Funeral home:
Name of funeral home that was, or is, in charge of the arrangements and where they are located.

Obit information and additional comments:
Use this field if you wish to submit an Obit, in your own words to be printed in the style you submit. Obits are $50 for the first 500 words and 10 cents for each additional word. Also use this field for any additional comments or questions.

The Photo:

How do you plan to submit your photo:

Note: If mailing or dropping off a hard copy photo, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to receive the photo back. You can also pick up the photo later at our office.:

Upload photo:
Use the button to select the image from your computer, JPEG format preferred, if available.

The Gazette will publish death notices daily on the local page for $10 per publication date. All death notices include a picture, flag for veterans and are posted on our website at no additional charge. Deadline for submission is 10 a.m. daily, for publication on that days Local page, however all submissions are subject to space availability. All information will be formatted to the Gazette's style. All photos should be submitted at 300 dpi and no smaller than 3x4 inches.