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Choice Promise

Posted Wednesday, March 30, 2011, at 3:34 PM

Bending the knee, because one wants to don't hurt near as much as it will, when one has to. Ponder the prize.
Choice Promise

By Arley Steinhour 033011

Rapture not coming, would not make a dent,

In the pockets of grabbers, who won't pay the rent;

Life would continue, as it was yesterday,

Until tax payer's stops their ability to prey.

Shock to the system, Jesus comes for His Bride,

Mouths of the grabber will hang open so wide.

Our crying to all, to repent sinful deed,

Yet, none would listen to our God's need.

Repentance heard, quickly He moves into heart,

Adopting and cleaning, like new from the start.

He hangs out His Shingle, and you're in a new business,

Reborn, praising Jesus, as your Salvation does witness.

His blessings bestowed, deeply into your heart,

Like what we others have, by accepting your part.

Those who submit to our God, The Son,

Eternally are blessed, Adopted by The One.

Life experiences, may not change very much,

Suffering goes on, for maturing and such.

Mortality tunes up our new-born heart string,

So we eternally make music, and perhaps even sing.

Nothing too difficult, when Jesus blesses us with 'able,'

We can fly with the birds, or harmonize to lolling in stable.

Never to awaken with night weary eyes,

Light never fades, in life filled with surprise.

All that, for taking that one tiny step to God's arms,

Salvation, Adoption, forever blessed by His charms.

Those who refuse will gnash teeth, never sing,

But will exist, rent free, in a much warmer wing.

Don't forget them you know, that they be left out,

Go witness to them, till they say NO with a shout.


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