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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Posted Monday, July 7, at 5:50 PM
Race DONE We WON By Arley Steinhour 070714 There once was a time, not long ago, Quake of 'Seven point one,' meant a 'Death blow,' Today, with buildings that can stand the test, Reduces fatalities, so most can now rest. Now, when struck, and family up-rooted,...

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Finish in Sight
Posted Friday, June 27, at 2:03 PM

Finish in Sight By Arley Steinhour 062714 Too long have I been off my feed, The days of my youth, I live no more, More like an old Coon, tired, and Treed. With focus on you Lord, standing on 'shore.' Still the same, my call, 'Come for your Bride, Rapture the Church, to Wedding Feast Table,...

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Rocket Science
Posted Tuesday, June 24, at 8:06 PM

Rocket Science By Arley Steinhour 062414 Frustrating is this life on earth, When heart cannot be Still, The end of mirth, soon gives Birth, To Joy, Eternal, Always Will. The dearth of Sin, comes with Birth, With Troubles never keeping Still, Frustrated, we tour as Mortal, on Earth,...

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Posted Friday, June 20, at 12:39 PM

THE FINAL INSPECTION (Author Unknown) (For Decades, Well-Said) The soldier stood and faced God, Which must always come to pass. He hoped his shoes were shining, Just as brightly as his brass. 'Step forward now, soldier, How shall I deal with you? Have you always turned the other cheek?...

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BOTTs Anniversary Sixty Two
Posted Thursday, June 19, at 9:47 PM

BOTTs Anniversary Sixty Two By Arley Steinhour 061914 Baruch Atah, Mr. and Mrs. Bott, In the name of God you've done a lot, Your work, on earth still isn't done, Helping, yet others, 'Race be Won.' Eternity, will be good to you, At Bema Judgment, when you are through,...

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Going Down Drain
Posted Wednesday, June 18, at 9:48 PM

Going Down Drain By Arley Steinhour 061814 Red Heifer, Red Heifer, Totally Red, To clean a Temple for God's New Stead, Cleansed, and Sanctified, unto a Sparkle, For Tribulation's, soon coming, Debacle. Travail, of life,' is getting much stronger, The strengths of Insanity hide, no longer,...

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Feast can Begin
Posted Tuesday, June 17, at 4:11 PM

Feast can Begin By Arley Steinhour 061714 Satan, sure is working hard, To keep our Witness still, If he's not in your 'Witness yard,' Seed-Witness, and you will. Remember that the more he tries, to put you down, one way or other, He's doing it with tripping lies,...

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Better Disciple
Posted Monday, June 16, at 8:27 PM

Better Disciple By Arley Steinhour 061614 Going down the Highway, Clipping on at Sixty-five, Driving on, singing, my way, Tis a great day to be alive. The misery, and pain, I'm in, Are Diluted by the joy I feel, Though body weak, and dizzies spin,...

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Day of the Father
Posted Sunday, June 15, at 10:00 AM

Day of the Father By Arley Steinhour 061514 Inspired by Today, and Brother Allan Jackson's word. To all of you, out there, this day, May people see it in your sway, That 'Fathers Day, means much to you, And each child of yours, a brand new shoe. A shoe, of family longevity,...

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Refusing to Hear
Posted Saturday, June 14, at 8:33 PM

Refusing to Hear By Arley Steinhour 061414 What a bright and sunny day, That meets a sleep blurred eye, In your crisp and Glorious way, One should never need to cry. We travel all around this land, In diversity, of care and share, Until, you take us by the hand,...

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Seething Pot
Posted Friday, June 13, at 7:10 PM

Seething Pot By Arley Steinhour 061314 The World is now a Seething Pot, With Mayhem, Hate, and War, Much like in the 'Days of Lot, Good is Bad, with Bad now 'A Star.' We see the Wars, and 'Rumors Of,' Prophecy, knocking at the door, It's Time to Watch the sky above,...

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Eighth Day Fulfillment
Posted Thursday, June 12, at 2:22 PM

Eighth Day Fulfillment By Arley Steinhour 061214 I Pray to God/Jesus, my only God, Who gave Your Mortal Life for me, No more, I need to bear the Rod, Reborn, Sin Gone, has set me Free. You now look down, from Your Throne, There's a crowd, but You see only Me,...

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Almost Never Heard
Posted Tuesday, June 10, at 12:16 PM

Almost Never Heard By Arley Steinhour 061014 Father God, Why do we have 'Watchmen on the Wall,' When 'Yours' don't want to hear the call, Never Witnessing, to 'One, 'let alone All,' Saying, 'We're so ready, don't need call, at all.' Prophetic logic of your word, almost never heard,...

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Gods Pentecost
Posted Sunday, June 8, at 2:54 PM

Gods Pentecost By Arley Steinhour 060814 Dear Lord God, Today, I anxiously await the feel, Of lifting to you, Head to Heel, To know that Snatching is truly real, With Blessing, by Grace, Eternal, the Seal. This day of 'Counting,' blessed, by You, The signal, Grain Harvest should be through,...

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Gain or Loss
Posted Friday, June 6, at 8:30 PM

Gain or Loss By Arley Steinhour 060614 Have you ever seen a train fly, Or, 'God' die on a Cross? Train would crash, and souls would die, What's the difference, 'Gain or Loss.' Gain, goes to that man, with the Name, 'Son of God, Emanuel,' Who paid with 'death,' for a 'Spouse, of Ill-Fame,'...

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Back to Eternal
Posted Thursday, June 5, at 12:05 PM

Back to Eternal By Arley Steinhour 060514 There comes a day, somewhere in time, Time, goes away, to be, again, Endless Day, Like Day Eternal, before God made 'Slime,' And Creating 'Adam,' but done in God's Way. God speaks a word, and much is done,...

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Shavuot Choice
Posted Wednesday, June 4, at 3:10 PM

Shavuot Choice By Arley Steinhour 060424 'Feast of Weeks,' Three days away, The Feast of fulfilling the Bride, Events of these, in Latter Day, May make Shavuot want to hide. A little problem meets the eye, With what some think should be, The Feasts belong to God on High,...

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Repent Right Now Today
Posted Tuesday, June 3, at 2:05 PM

Repent Right Now Today By Arley Steinhour 060314 Your People, of today, don't pray, Not even conversations with You Lord, We've forgotten You're our only 'Stay,' We're no better than a dry, old, board. The Time, is coming, before that day, When, 'Limbs, in bloom, be Snatched away,...

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Thy Will be Done
Posted Monday, June 2, at 3:35 PM

Thy Will be Done By Arley Steinhour 060214 Dear Lord, Jesus, on this day, Still in mortal body, I'm writing, The day has gone the byway, This time, with little fighting. 'We, the Christians of this world, Feel there's something great at play, We study, and discuss your Word,...

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Unto the END
Posted Sunday, June 1, at 12:46 PM

Unto the END By Arley Steinhour 060114 Eight days before our Pentecost, This day of Christ's Ascension, Many believed 'The Way' was lost, Till Holy Spirit 'Indwelt,' got world's attention. This Christian felt, this might be 'it,' The day Bridegroom comes to 'snatch,'...

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