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Mortal Life Flame and Shame
Posted Wednesday, September 21, at 1:47 PM
Mortal Life Flame and Shame...

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Do You See What I See
Posted Monday, September 19, at 2:43 PM

Do you See What I See...

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60th REUNION CLASS of '56'
Posted Monday, September 19, at 1:39 AM

OY!! Another Five have slipped by and guess what, I, for one, look at least five years older, and feel Ten older. We are having our 60th, this week, on Sept. 23, 4 and 5 Friday - Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing those who are able to come and join in the Communion of the Class of 1956 (the First class to graduate, from what most of us still call the 'New High school), Younger folk call it 'Old,' but in our hearts, it will always be 'New.'...

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Statements of Departure
Posted Sunday, September 18, at 11:40 AM

Statements of Departure...

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Jewish Wedding, of Old under Hupah
Posted Thursday, September 15, at 4:41 PM

T.W. Tramm (sent this to me a year ago, and I share this with you, so you my Christian Sisters and Brothers, might know how Israel sees the Fall Feasts//with Yom Teruah/Rosh Hashanah// probably starting, this year, 2016 just after Sunset, and sighting of New Moon, October 11, or maybe 13, depending on sighting conditions//as//)...

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Live Spiritual Rhapsody
Posted Thursday, September 15, at 12:45 PM

Live Spiritual Rhapsody...

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Serving at Tables of God
Posted Wednesday, September 14, at 12:51 PM

Serving at Tables of God...

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Fedeemed From All Sin
Posted Tuesday, September 13, at 11:13 PM

Redeemed From All Sin...

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Posted Sunday, September 11, at 1:53 PM


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Posted Friday, September 9, at 6:29 PM


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River Turns to Blood
Posted Thursday, September 8, at 11:16 AM

River Turns to Blood...

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Salvation Seating Ordained
Posted Wednesday, September 7, at 4:59 PM

Salvation Seating Ordained...

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Staying the Wall
Posted Monday, September 5, at 10:08 PM

Staying the Wall...

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Setting Road Straight
Posted Sunday, September 4, at 2:52 PM

Setting Road Straight...

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Soul of Everyone
Posted Saturday, September 3, at 11:54 AM

Soul of Everyone...

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Prophetic blight 090116
Posted Thursday, September 1, at 6:35 PM

Prophetic Blight 090116...

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Showing My Age 090116
Posted Thursday, September 1, at 4:44 PM

Showing my Age...

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Posted Thursday, September 1, at 2:11 PM


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Heartfelt Conviction
Posted Saturday, August 27, at 7:03 PM

Heartfelt Conviction...

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Honorably Endeavored
Posted Wednesday, August 24, at 12:22 PM

Honorably Endeavored...

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