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1000 Yard Guy's 2011/2012 All-State Basketball Teams

Posted Tuesday, March 20, 2012, at 10:43 PM

Scottsbluff's outstanding Zach Clemens
They say high school basketball talent in Nebraska was down this season, but I saw some pretty nice players along the way. No, there wasn't a over abundance of Division One prospects wondering the hardwoods but there were enough good players to make it tons of fun to watch. Nothing like high school sports in Nebraska, right? Absolutely!

This year, I have chosen a first team with 5 players as usual. In many instances, it it easy to find 5 qualified athletes to formulate a 2nd team all-state, but there are some classes you have a difficult filling those 5 slots. On other occasions, you have to add one or more positions to give all deserving players a spot.

In addition, we will hand out some extra awards in each class and they are as follows:

The "I Make You Look Good Award" for assists

The "Chairman of the Board Award" for rebounding".

The "Theft by Deception Award" for steals.

The"Sultan of Swat Award" for blocked shots.

The "Long Distance Award" for beyond the arc specialists.

Without further hesitation, here are my teams:

Class A All-State 1st Team:***

Akoy Agau-Omaha Central -- 6-9 Jr

Tra-Deon Hollins-Omaha Central -- 6-2 Jr

Jalen Bradley-Norfolk -- 6-0 Sr

Josiah Gustafson-Millard North -- 6-5 Jr

Cam Williams-Omaha South -- 6-0 Jr

2nd Team

Trey Moore-Papillion La Vista -- 5-10 Sr

Alex Starkel-Norfolk -- 6-7 Sr

Keifer Musiel-Lincoln North Star -- 6-4 Sr

Ethan Montalvo-Omaha Bryan -- 6-0 Sr

John Harris-Lincoln High -- 6-2 Sr

*I Make You Look Good Award: Trey Moore-Papillion LV

*Chairman of the Boards Award: Alex Starkel-Norfolk

*Theft by Deception Award: Tra-Deon Hollins-Omaha Central

*Sultan of Swat Award: Akoy Agau-Omaha Central

*Long Distance Award: Jalen Bradley-Norfolk

Class B All-State 1st Team:***

Mike Gesell-South Sioux City -- 6-2 Sr

Trey Bardsley-Beatrice -- 5-9 Sr

Zach Clemens-Scottsbluff -- 6-5 Sr

Dylan Travis-Omaha Gross -- 6-2 Sr

Richard Williams-Scottsbluff -- 6-0 Sr

2nd Team

Austin Groth-South Sioux City -- 6-2 Sr

Erich Nickman-Lincoln Pius X -- 5-9 Sr

Michael Hadden-Scottsbluff -- 6-3 Jr

Derek McGinnis-Crete -- 6-3 Sr

Keithan Karn-Elkhorn South -- 6-3 Sr

*I Make You Look Good Award: Mike Gesell-South Sioux City

*Chairman of the Boards Award: Zach Clemens-Scottsbluff

*Theft by Deception Award: Dylan Travis-Omaha Gross

*Sultan of Swat Award: Isaiah Castellaw-Scottsbluff

*Long Distance Award: Trey Bardsley-Beatrice

Class C-1 All-State 1st Team:***

Devon Watts-Boys Town -- 6-1 Sr

Max Cook-Wahoo -- 6-0 Sr

Travis Ahrens-Wahoo Neumann -- 6-1 Sr

Carson Blum-Minden -- 6-0 Sr

Trevor Bryant-Tekamah-Herman -- 6-5 Sr

2nd Team:

Connor Ketter-Norfolk Catholic -- 6-5 Jr

Fernando Hildreth-Boys Town -- 6-0 Sr

Levi Gipson-Lincoln Christian -- 6-2 Sr

Shannon Moon-Boys Town -- 6-2 Sr

Coleman Dahle-Milford -- 6-5 Sr

Cole Chvatal-Wahoo Neumann -- 6-0 Sr

*I Make You Look Good Award: Coleman Dahle-Milford

*Chairman of the Boards Award: Connor Ketter

*Theft by Deception Award: Shannon Moon-Boys Town

*Sultan of Swat Award: Levi Gipson-Lincoln Christian

*Long Distance Award: Max Cook-Wahoo

Class C-2 All-State 1st Team:***

Connor Beranek-Ravenna -- 6-6 Sr

Andrew Vinton-North Platte St. Pats -- 6-0 Sr

Trevor Cyboron-Ravenna -- 5-11 Sr

Blake Heppner-Stanton -- 6-5 Sr

Nate Kuhl-Johnson County Central -- 6-7 Jr

2nd Team:

Lance Spongberg-Sutton -- 5-11 Sr

Kale Wolken-Johnson-Brock -- 6-3 Sr

Theison Anderson-Ravenna -- 6-3 Sr

Trenton Peterson-Ponca -- 6-5 Sr

Spencer Nickolite-Stanton -- 6-0 Sr

Ross Freudenburg-Lutheran High NE -- 6-6 Sr

*I Make You Look Good Award: Spencer Nickolite-Stanton

*Chairman of the Boards Award: Connor Beranek-Ravenna

*Theft by Deception Award: Kale Wolken-Johnson-Brock

*Sultan of Swat Award: Theison Anderson-Ravenna

*Long Distance Award: Lance Spongberg-Sutton

Class D-1 All-State 1st Team:***

Ryan Tegtmeier-Bruning-Davenport-Shickley -- 6-0 Jr

Tait Sibbel-O'Neill St. Marys -- 6-1 Sr

Zach Olmstead-Overton -- 6-2 Sr

Hadley Sejkora-Pawnee City -- 6-1 Sr

Blake Krings-Humphrey St. Francis -- 6-1 Sr

2nd Team:

Luke Dlouhy-Deshler -- 5-10 Sr

Jonathan Guenther-West Point Guardian Angels CC -- 6-3 Jr

Adam Moon-O'Neill St. Marys -- 6-7 Soph

Cody Corfield-Paxton -- 6-1 Jr

Garrett Borcher-Pawnee City -- 6-0 Sr

Cole Klingsporn-High Plains -- 5-9 Freshman

*I Make You Look Good Award: Ty Eiler-O'Neill St. Marys

*Chairman of the Boards Award: Tom Chvala-O'Neill St. Marys

Theft by Deception Award: Nathan Hass-West Guardian Angels CC

*Sultan of Swat Award: Adam Moon-O'Neill St. Marys

*Long Distance Award: Cody Corfield-Paxton

Class D-2 All-State 1st Team:***

Drew Ott-Giltner -- 6-5 Sr

Brian Bayer-Howells -- 6-5 Sr

Nathan Wieseler-Wynot -- 6-8 Jr

Clayton McNall-Loomis -- 6-0 Sr

Ethan Kreutz-Giltner -- 6-1 Sr

2nd Team:

Matt Goltz-Falls City Sacred Heart -- 6-3 Soph

Samuel Schumacher-Leyton -- 5-11 Jr

Sawyer Burke-Brady -- 6-3 Sr

Colin VanGroningen-Sterling 6-0 Sr

*I Make You Look Good Award: Tyler Rehbein-Hayes Center

*Chairman of the Boards Award: Drew Ott-Giltner (over 300 Reb)

*Theft by Deception Award: Mat Gooch-Howells

*Sultan of Swat Award: Drew Ott-Giltner (over 100)

*Long Distance Award: Sawyer Burke-Brady

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