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The Faux Outrage Continues

Posted Saturday, October 17, 2009, at 8:53 PM

How far has the right sunk in their zeal to create a controversy out of EVERYTHING? Now they are hopping mad that people would actually NOT want Rush Limbaugh to be a minority (bad choice of words perhaps?) owner in the NFL. They want to shout reverse racism and bigotry against Rush. They want to say that the politically correct owners of the NFL had a role in keeping him out. People who seriously make that charge against NFL owners apparently don't pay much attention as most NFL owners are very conservative. More charges include somehow making a blind leap of logic and suggesting that him being denied is somehow unconstitutional.

My only concern with Rush being an owner in the NFL is that he really didn't seem to know that much about football. He never really talks about football on his show. There was really no rhyme or reason for him wanting to become a minority owner in the NFL. But I didn't have a problem with him being trying to buy a team. Personally I think the whole thing was orchestrated to drum up publicity for Rush Limbaugh and it worked like a charm.

But maybe the surprising thing about the faux outrage that came flying about this from the right is that same people who were so infuriated that Rush Limbaugh would be denied are the same people who want everyone working for Obama fired for their own trumped up charges.

But this really isn't surprising from the same crowd that tries to pump up faux outrage seemingly over everything that Obama does or says. It has gotten so bad for the extreme right that when the most conservative member in the Republican Party (Lindsay Graham) decides to team up with a Democrat to work on a bill they stand up in a town hall and call him a traitor.

They will routinely make things up then call people that call them on the lies the actual liars.

They say they want change in this country but they offer absolutely nothing in the way of any ideas to help encourage change. They just say that we should go back to the old ideas of the Reagan and Bush administration that didn't work.

They call the recession the Obama Recession (which he has taken on) but when there are any signs of improvement, Fox News will happily go on the air and declare it the Bush Recovery.

They also like to shout loudly whenever anyone calls them on their vitriol that anyone calling them on it is hypocritical because of the way the Democrat(ic) Party acted under Bush. They have a point, but when they actually stand there and say that nothing they is out of bounds or even comparable to what happened during Bush is simply amazing.

One other thing if you are complain about the health care debate but the only thing you bring to the table is making it harder to sue doctors that screw up a surgery you might want to rethink the whole question.

I have a simple question for those opposed to the public option. Why are you afraid of people that can't afford health care coverage getting a fair and cheap government option? You fight so hard to make sure that every child is born and all abortions are illegal but you seem not to care about anyone at all after they are born. We have a responsibility as human beings to care for our fellow humans.

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I'm afraid your credibility just went out of the window.

"My only concern with Rush being an owner in the NFL is that he really didn't seem to know that much about football. He never really talks about football on his show." Micheal Hendricks

This statement tells me you rarely, if ever, listen to Rush's show. He talks of football every opportunity he gets. He is highly knowledgeable about the game, and know what it takes to win.

Sadly, your reverting back to your old self Mike.

-- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Sat, Oct 17, 2009, at 9:18 PM

Can we also assume, Mike, that you don't actually watch Fox News. Your rants sound exactly like all the liberals on MSNBC.

-- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Sun, Oct 18, 2009, at 8:15 AM

I agree with Chunky Mike. I watch fox whenever I watch news. NO ONE has EVER stated that they want to go back to the Bush ideas. Reagan, yes, that'a no brainer. The US was never stronger than it was after Reagon. I've never heard ANYONE credit Bush for any kind of glimmer of recovery.

I really do think you watch the loons at MSNBC make a joke of the news and then try to pass that off as your own ideas. I really don't know where you get this crap.

As far as Rush and the NFL. I can think of one NFL owner than no one should ever want to play for because it means automatic losses and nothing but a wierdo sideshow act....Al Davis.

These guys saying they would never play for Rush is about as racist as it gets. What did Rush ever do to them? Rush was on an NFL broadcast once until he said something that was controversial. But guess what, he was right, McNabb hasn't done anything worth garnering all the hype and praise he was getting at the time. Rush does talk about football quite a bit. There again, you are making assertions you know enough about to make.

Rush has forgotten more about football that Obama will ever know about the majority of the American people.

-- Posted by Justin76 on Sun, Oct 18, 2009, at 10:23 AM

I wonder what would happen if Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow or any of the rest of the idiotic, leftist-hate-speech crew tried to buy a pro team, and were dropped due to their offensive take on politics?

-- Posted by MrsSmith on Sun, Oct 18, 2009, at 12:14 PM


You didn't just bring the false "slavery having its merits" issue did you. You must not keep on on current events, it was a lie.

-- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Sun, Oct 18, 2009, at 1:55 PM

MrsSmith, first of all Keith Olbermann would be better off buying a baseball team since he knows baseball far more than most people in this country could ever want to.

Secondly if those two were dropped from potential ownership because of their political beliefs, then so what? Owning a team is not a right, Rush hasn't been denied anything by being dropped from the potential ownership. It's fake outrage at the extreme.

Justin, can you back up your claim that the US was at its best after Reagan? Because we must be looking at two different histories. Also, to claim that a black player not wanting to play for Rush Limbaugh as being racist is laughable at best. I seriously doubt you can point to one statement by one player about Rush where they said they would not play for Rush Limbaugh because he was white. They said they would not play for him for his political beliefs and the statements he made on ESPN. That's not racist Justin, no matter how you try to twist the language.

-- Posted by MichaelHendricks on Sun, Oct 18, 2009, at 3:42 PM

So when the slaves were sold from Black Tribes in Africa what was it called then?

-- Posted by orville on Sun, Oct 18, 2009, at 6:43 PM

Guill,the Black Tribes of Africa?

-- Posted by orville on Sun, Oct 18, 2009, at 8:20 PM

orville, didn't you know Rush Limbaugh, who built a time machine using slave labor, went back in time to kidnap all those people on the African continent and brought them to America. He then tinkered with the Philadelphia Eagles player draft to purposely make Donovan McNabb look bad. And lets not forget that Rush, in 2005, took a helicopter to the coast of Africa, did a "cannon ball" into the Atlantic Ocean, thus creating hurricane Katrina.

There Iggy, you now have all the facts, can you possibly go on with life know?

-- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Sun, Oct 18, 2009, at 8:25 PM


-- Posted by orville on Sun, Oct 18, 2009, at 8:27 PM


You seem like a real class act making a joke pertaining to both slavery and hurrican katrina in the same sentence.

And sceptre, I too believe there is one race. But that doesn't stop people from carrying on false idealology. 99% of "racist" people do not believe we are one race.That's where racism comes from, the feeling that one subgroup of population is more important than the other. And to admit that we are all biologically the same would kill the biggots on the inside.

-- Posted by mccookreader on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 8:16 AM

And just because Rush talks about football on his show, doesn't mean he knows what he was talking about.

Aside from the McNabb comments, there were countless times that he would say something idiotic on NFL countdown, and be countered by steve young.

For the record, McNabb is a top 5 qb in the league, and at the time RUsh made the comment, he was top 3. Rush is an idiot.

-- Posted by mccookreader on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 8:18 AM

Yes Mike, it's called the Clinton years. It's called the 90's. It's called the biggest non post-war growth period in American history. What kind of a history teacher are you? Many, many idustried grew at an exceptional rate during these times.

I'm sure you have another theory on this and it will have to do with what Clinton did I'm sure. We sure had in pretty good in the 90's though.

What planet are you from that you missed this era?

-- Posted by Justin76 on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 11:04 AM

If it's not racially motivated then why did Jackson and Sharpton show up in this mess?

They are always after white guys no matter what. There is a double standard and that's that. Any bunch of white guys going after black guys all the time would be racism big time!

And I think it's funny that Guillermo still hasn't figured out that Rush uses absurdity to illustrate the absurd. Do you really believe he thinks there is merit behind slavery? Get a clue guys.

-- Posted by Justin76 on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 11:08 AM

regardless of what you think about Rush. McNabb has NEVER been a top 3 or 5 QB, unless you are a Philly fan. Each and every year he has played, there have been much better qb's in that year. McNabb is good, better than most, but not an elite top 5.

-- Posted by Justin76 on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 11:11 AM

Whatever Rush may be, the Charlie Rangels, the Jesse Jacksons, et. al. are really no better, just spewing hate the leftists happen to agree with. Spare us from the outrage about the outrage about the outrage coming from the outrage about which you have totally forgotten in the first place. You obviously listen to Rush, or you wouldnt be able to "quote/misquote" him (or maybe you don't, and you are making this up as you go along), so just exercise your right thumb and forefinger, and turn him off!

As for the ownership of an NFL team, ITS OVER!!! It has been taken care of by the PC's. GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!! You would have really never gave a damn if it had not been Rush, would you?

If you so strongly believe in free speech, why do you only support free speech when it fits your agenda? Why are you outraged when free speech is used for an idea with which you don't agree??

Why are you not outraged when the ObamaNation decides to attack a major news network? Is it because you don't agree with their agenda either? You can editorialize, and they may not?? The last time this was done was during the Nixon dictatorship, and we all know how that worked out. Is this the future of the ObamaNation?

How about this:

"The deficit for Fiscal Year 2009, which ended Sept. 30, came in at a record $1.42 trillion, more than triple the record set just last year. In addition, future deficits are currently projected to total $9.1 trillion in the coming decade."

Personally, I am more concerned about this then who purchases a share in a stupid football team! Why aren't you????????????

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 12:31 PM

There's only so much talk you can do on the deficit. It's been talked about over and over on these blogs. People on these blogs are outraged. But the fight has been hashed out, neither side giving in.

So why are the concerned with who is purchasing a football team? I'd assume its because it Rush who can be extremely controversial, and when he fails at something one side is always happy and the other side says its an injustice.

-- Posted by npwinder on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 1:50 PM

Justin I just want to see if I am following your logic here. Your basis for your quote that the US was best after Reagan is the Clinton years? You don't have to be a history teacher to see the fallacy in that logic. You offered up another administration that can in after a huge economic turn-down during the latter Reagan and all the Bush Administration.

Just so I'm not missing anything here, you brought up Clinton and yet you are already criticizing me for pointing to Clinton which I haven't done. Preemptive criticisms usually don't work.

You have avoided the directed question, and that is still what FACTS do you have to support your claim that the US was at its best after the Reagan years.

-- Posted by MichaelHendricks on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 3:32 PM

duffer, where is the outrage that you are proclaiming that I have? If that's what you read, then you should probably read again. I'm not outraged over the faux outrage, just pointing it out. I could have cared less if Rush got a minority ownership in the Rams. In fact, when I first heard about it I laughed out loud. I thought it was a joke. If he wants to get into the NFL that's his prerogative, but the owners have to approve the buy, and (as conservative as they are) they weren't showing any signs of interest.

As for your confusion on free speech, I haven't stopped anyone on this blog from voicing their opinion. Yes if someone said something out of bounds or purely hatred, I would flag it. That's my right as the owner of this blog.

Person A criticizing Person B for something they have said is not a violation of Person B.

A business firing someone because of what they have said is not inherently violating that person's freedom of speech if that person signed a contract and in that was language about what could and couldn't be said.

Rush Limbaugh being denied a stake in an NFL team because of comments he has made is not a violation of his freedom of speech.

-- Posted by MichaelHendricks on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 3:41 PM

duffer, Fox News being a news organization is laughable at best. The same exact thing can be said about the majority of MSNBC programming. Why should I be outraged that the Obama Administration is calling the majority of Fox News what it is, opinion. Did you show the same outrage when the Bush Administration froze out MSNBC? I doubt it.

I can editorialize because I am not a journalist. I am a a blogger. Fox News (and coincidentally any organization that claims that they report the news) should not be editorializing anything if they are honest good journalists. Journalists do not give their opinion on a story they report it from both angles.

Should the Obama Administration be wasting its time on Fox News. Of course not, it will only drive viewership up for the channel. Controversy always does. But I do give them credit for calling out the channel for what it is doing.

Finally, give me a break. Obama is not barring Fox News from doing anything. I do enjoy though that when a Democrat does something they are ATTACKING (as if there is a war on) but when a Republican does the same they are just being good Americans.

-- Posted by MichaelHendricks on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 3:50 PM

You say, "Fox News being a news organization is laughable at best"?? The exact thing can be said of all news media, none of whom seem to be following the "fair and balanced" mantra. Certainly not FOX, CNN, NBC, CBS nor ABC. Newspapers and internet news are not much better.

"Journalists do not give their opinion on a story they report it from both angles." WHAT A CROCK!!!!! If you think that is what is going on in the MSM today, you are sadly wrong. It is the way it is, not the way it should be! I suppose you also believe judges and lawyers are interested in the truth? Do you also believe in the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny?

Actually, you flatter yourself when you think my comments were all directly aimed at you personally! My comments were intended to be a general reply to some of your far-left and far-right responders. Go back and read some of the goofy comments and ask yourself if there are those on this blog that practice hypocrisy, then whine when that character trait is attributed to them (author of this blog included).

My opinion still remains that the left and right are both full of wackos, bent on pushing their agenda without any concern for the largest segments of our population. The pubs are idiots, the dems are bigger idiots!

Libs have been telling the poor for 60 years that they were going to make their life better. All they have done is make them poorer and more dependent on government. They line up on the streets of Detroit, waiting to get that "ObamaMoney" without any clue where it comes from. The libs love them because they VOTE, early and often, mostly for the libs that continue to make them more and more dependent. Who's going to pay? Keep on printing that phony ObamaMoney (over 1.4 TRILLION dollars and counting) , and we will find out soon!!


-- Posted by dufferxyz on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 4:46 PM

FREDD! Your best shot is AL FRANKEN??????? I guess you are a big fan of Mikey Moore also???? AL FRANKEN????????

He's a comedian, nothing more!

The gospel according to AL FRANKEN?

Talk about sad little people with sad little lives!!!



Really, fredd, find a dictionary (its the big fat book on the end of the bookshelf that you don't use much, judging by your spelling) and look up the word "hypocrite."

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 4:56 PM

Amazing!! We have a segment of our population that allow entertainers to form their opinions and beliefs! They pick the entertainers they wish to follow (like lemmings) and dance merrily along in neat little lines, getting closer and closer to the cliff! Entertainers!! Rush, Al Franken, Mike Moore, Glenn Beck, et. al. Entertainers!!!!

Bloggers take them seriously! MSM takes them seriously! Wild-eyed politicians take them seriously! Meanwhile, right under our noses, we are racing toward economic oblivion, and all some want to do is accelerate the process with massive bailouts, health insurance for everyone, more taxes for more programs, kill the greedy corporations, take over the greedy banks, tax the rich and give it to the poor, hand out ObamaMoney on the streetcorners! You know what? We are most likely heading for the most violent and bitter class war that history has ever seen, and we look to comedians for the truth?????

The best fiction-writers in the world couldn't make this stuff up!!!! Hide and watch!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 5:15 PM

Not a nerve fredd. Just nervous when folks take entertainers seriously. Take a deep breath, don't take Rush seriously, and don't take Al seriously. They are entertainers (look that word up too)! Nothing more, nothing less!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 5:27 PM

You mean the comedian that stole the election in Minnesota with the help of ACORN? ACORN, that bastion of freedom and the American Way! Now there's some folks we better quit ignoring, along with SEIU, our home-grown american terrorists dedicated to "ObamaMoney". Why do I keep equating their purple t-shirts to Hitler's BrownShirts? I guess thugs are thugs, no matter how they dress!

From "Rush is a big fat idiot" to "Minnesota voters are bigger, fatter idiots!"

Nobody could make this stuff up!

Try googleing "MSM", second link, wikepedia! You really need to start researching, you would be amazed what you are missing while you are reading AL FRANKEN!

And GI, even Jesus couldn't draw 50,000 folks to the streets of Detroit, looking for a handout! Only ObamaNation can make that happen.

Hide and Watch!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 6:12 PM

And, Mike, there is no "right to healthcare insurance" any more than there is a "right" for a mother to KILL!!!!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 6:33 PM

Iggy, were you paying attention? Revisit my post, it clearly says, "Take a deep breath, don't take Rush seriously, and don't take Al seriously. They are entertainers (look that word up too)! Nothing more, nothing less!" It really doesn't require deductive reasoning, because I made it clear that I considered following either entertainer to be reason to be nervous. You really shouldn't use words that you really don't understand.

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 7:27 PM

Iggy, you used deductive reasoning to ascertain that because I don't like Obama (or his goons), I despise Al Franken, and I think the MSM is a bunch of a**kissing shills, therefore; I like Rush! Don't give up your day job to become a mind reader, because you are not very good at it!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 7:32 PM

You know, Sceptre, I could care less if the "scum" self-destructs, the problem is they are taking the rest of us down with them! The sheepies keep lining up for handouts, the academies keep preaching socialism and pc from their self-proclaimed pulpits, and entertainers are influencing those who can't think for themselves! What a mess!! Have you read the history of post-WWI Germany? Perchance do you see any similarities? Class warfare? (Surely no one denies this going on!) Hyperinflation? (coming at a store near you) Socialism? (alive and well in the United States of Obama) Thugs enforcing the Party line? (read SEIU) Bogus elections? (ACORN) We're just getting started, folks!

Unfortunately, so many have forgotten the truism, "A government powerful enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take away everything you have!"

I am not sure about you, but it scares the c**p out of me!!!!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 8:11 PM

He is still an entertainer, with a rental (repeat rental!) house in DC. Powerful? Puhleeeeeze! Bigger joke as a senator than he was as a comedian.

Sometime soon you may deduce I am not a Rush fan, but go ahead and indulge your fantasies, you will soon need the distraction from reality!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 8:15 PM

How's the view from the lemming line, iggy? Was that you, number 47,351, on the streets of Detroit?

Nixon? BHO and his gang are are going to make Nixon look like a raw amateur!

I surrender! You will never warm up to the idea that I believe that all the entertainers masquerading as "political experts" (present company included) should be considered to be entertainers without being considered credible. But you are too busy shoveling to listen, therefore, through deductive reasoning, I have decided to ignore you also.

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 8:42 PM

I see where the obama administration has declared war of Fox News. Censorship?

-- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 10:18 PM

Sorry, Sceptre, I am waiting on AL F'n FRANKEN to tell me what to think about that!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Mon, Oct 19, 2009, at 11:14 PM

Personally, I don't know why everyone's upset about the President not going on Fox. He's only hurting himself. You can think whatever you want about the station itself but if you think the only people who watch Fox are Republicans who oppose the President then you're just denying reality.

The truth is FoxNews would not get the high ratings it does if it was only reaching one political demographic. When the President refuses to present his case on that network then he loses thoses viewers. Pretty dumb move, in my opinion because then you've got a news network with millions of viewers reporting on how the President refused to come on their network.

Those people watching realize Fox, like every other major news organization, has pundits and hosts with a particular opinion but they don't deny it as a news organization. I know there are people who don't like Fox but I don't see how they could deny Fox's ability to reach a wide audience with diverse political beliefs.

All of the talk about Fox as a news organization is beside the point anyway because I'm pretty sure he's went on Colbert and about every late show he can. None of those are technically news programs either. The difference is that they were a lot friendlier to him at that time and he could deal with that. Would he get tougher questions than he would in the MSM? Of course, he would. I wouldn't deny that and they'd probably be a little tougher than I think but if he can't handle a tough interview then we have bigger problems on our hands. I'm finding that he lacks the ability to confront criticism head on and that's certainly not a change.

I'm fine with him not going on Fox. All he's doing is hurting himself by not reaching out to that audience. If he does something to weaken his own agenda then I'm not going to stop him. I think he's pushing a lot of things that need to be stopped and his mixture of arrogance and ignorance will help to achieve the goal of stopping him in his tracks.

Denying FoxNews as a news organization is laughable at best and it will be amusing to watch the President backtrack when he realizes the mistake that's being made.

-- Posted by McCook1 on Tue, Oct 20, 2009, at 9:56 AM

McCook1, you are so right (no pun intended)!

Fox NEWS ratings up!!!!

CNN ratings down!!!

Maybe our Community Organizer-in-chief never fully thought this out?

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Tue, Oct 20, 2009, at 12:38 PM

Fredd, go back and read your posts on this and other threads. You think Sceptre and I are angry? Your posts exhibit pure rage! Are you the pot calling the kettle black????

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Tue, Oct 20, 2009, at 12:40 PM

Can we all agree, fredd is to be ignored.

-- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Tue, Oct 20, 2009, at 5:27 PM

Good idea! Leave him and Iggy off in the corner so they have more time to plot against the "old white glutenous men" that seem to annoy them so much!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Tue, Oct 20, 2009, at 5:33 PM

By the way, "glutenous" is really not a word. Must be another piece of freddy's make-believe world. The closest word is "glutinous" which means "sticky!"

Somehow "old white sticky men" is probably not a phrase that is likely to get on the forefront of most folks radar ;<)

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Tue, Oct 20, 2009, at 6:36 PM

Or perhaps the arrogant, narcisstic notion that you can shut out your enemies (real or percieved) with "enemies lists" and public attacks on those who voice dissenting opinions, like our CommunityOrganizer-in-Chief?????

Where are Woodward and Bernstein or their replacements?

Maybe it is better that he is dancing around at fund-raisers, while his General in Afghanistan waits for his action?

Dwelling on history will not correct deciet going on right under your nose!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 11:55 AM

Ya gotta love Leno:

"President Obama has announced that he is commiting an additional 40,000 troops to the war against Fox News"

I'm betting he will have a slim chance of getting the CommunityOrganizer-in-Chief to be a guest on his show again!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 12:20 PM

Did you go into a coma in January 2009????

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 2:45 PM

"The administration should "maximize our incumbency . . . [or] to put it more bluntly, . . . use the available federal machinery to screw our political enemies."

Chuck Colson, 1971, during the process of forming the "enemies list."

Fox News, Chamber of Commerce, Insurance Industry, ............ (stay tuned)

Is there a Chuck Colson working in the ObamaNation W/H???????

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 3:43 PM

Fact: Fox New is NUMBER 1 in ratings. Could all these viewers be wrong? Has anyone else noticed when Fox reports on the health care plans, the democrat led senate, congress and the president have to change their plans? Is it possible the truth has been exposed. Have the liberals moved so far to the left, they can't see this?

-- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 4:26 PM

Woodward and Bernstein were the little yapping dogs who continued to nip at the Nixon Gang's heels until they exposed them for what they were!

For their efforts, they were vilified, lied to and about, threatened, and eventually honored.

Fox yapped about Van Jones, how did that go for the ObamaNation?

Fox yapped about ACORN, how is their day going with the ObamaNation busting their butt to get them out of their bed?

Fox News is a real pain-in-the-butt yapping dog, aren't they??????

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 4:27 PM

Excuse me, that was John Dean, and the complete quote is:

"This memorandum addresses the matter of how we can maximize the fact of our incumbency in dealing with persons known to be active in their opposition to our Administration; stated a bit more bluntly--how we can use the available federal machinery to screw our political enemies."

The official purpose, as described by the White House Counsel's Office, was to "screw" Nixon's political enemies, by means of tax audits from the IRS, and by manipulating "grant availability, federal contracts, litigation, prosecution, etc"

Can you spot the ways history start sounding like current events?

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 4:52 PM

The Republican Party of 2009 is not the Republican Party of 1971, nor is the Democratic Party of 2009 the Democratic Party of 1968. The demographics, platforms, philosophies, etc. have changed dramatically. "It ain't your Daddy's party anymore!"

Crooks are not limited by political affiliation. Political crooks gather in packs like the ObamaNation, like ACORN, like SEIU. They work to ensure the continuation of power by "dirty tricks" to destroy their enemies (For example, Reid is planning to "vaporize" his opposition through negative campaigning.) They use Federal machinery to "screw" their enemies.

Starting to get the point yet?

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 5:23 PM

Regardless fredd, Fox News is #1. The ratings prove people trust Fox with delivering the news.

-- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 5:30 PM

"all I see is right wing hate shows"????? If you don't like what you perceive to be "right wing hate shows, quit watching them!!!!!! Exercise your right to turn off the switch! It really is a simple process!!!

Maybe you need to listen to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC. Hurry though, because while they are still "Honeymooning" with the ObamaNation, there will be a time that the a**kissing will stop.

Listen to Charlie Rangel, Al-baby Sharpton, AL FRANKEN (oops you already do), Mikey Moore, et.al. Plenty of hate coming from the left, present company included!

Polls keep going down, less then 50% happy with Obama's agenda. A large portion of that crowd is there because they have been convinced they are about to get something for nothing! Think about the hate that will develop when the folks keep lining up to get the ObamaMoney, and realize it just doesn't exist. The "one" will never be able to print it fast enough! Does the word "riot" mean anything to you?

Whatever you percieve to have achieved in the last 2 elections, Hide and Watch, cause November 2010 is coming!!!!

And please, don't even try to lecture anyone that they should have an "open mind" without looking in a mirror!!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 5:41 PM


By your own logic, MSNBC must be nothing more than an arm of the democratic party. Anyone can see that, anyone with an open mind.

You talk about Fox, Shawn, Glen and Rush as the reason you only see so-called right winged hate shows when discussing the liberal media. Well, let's think about this... Shawn and Glen are on Fox and I've never personally seen Rush give an interview on the other stations. So, you're basically saying that since Fox news exists there is no liberal media? You can't make a valid argument against the existence of a liberal media when you only focus on one of the stations.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Fox is a conservative staion and MSNBC is liberal and CBS, ABC and NBC all lean towards a liberal bias with CNN becoming more of a liberal chatterbox than in prior years which is disappointing and probably has something to do with why there ratings are dropping so dramatically. The best thing CNN could do is to get rid of Rick Sanchez. He doesn't even seem to know what's going on half the time and the other half he says something so awkward that his guest just sits there in total disbelief of his idiocy.

The only station I can rely on for no bias is C-Span. You have one station out of many that goes conservative, several others that are quite liberal and one that is truly neutral but you want to whine about bias at Fox. I prefer to watch them all so that I can see what the others don't report but I don't have Fox or MSNBC so I rarely see much from either of them but I'm sure I can catch quite a bit of what MSNBC reports on one of the stations I do get. The commentary is just probably is less blatant in its bias.

-- Posted by McCook1 on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 5:57 PM

"Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost." Thomas Jefferson

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 6:07 PM


There you go with the name-calling again, Fredd. Is that all you got? And you b***h about hate?

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 6:10 PM

Demaorat? Is that a Fruedian slip?

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 6:12 PM

Still, why is Fox News #1. If Fox News is so out of tune with the rest of America, and Conservative are so in the minority, shouldn't they be in last place.

-- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 6:53 PM

How about it, Fredd? Was Thomas Jefferson a "old sticky white man?"

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 9:07 PM


I can't believe you sent me to wikipedia. Worse, I can't believe I went there. Seriously, isn't this whole debate flawed? The Conservatives are idiots, the republicans are doomed, and yet, Fox News wins the ratings. Or has the center of Liberalism gone so far to the left, that any debate from anyone to the right of them, becomes "republican talking points"?

-- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 9:46 PM

"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty."

JFK Inaugural address, January 20, 1961.

"In America , there is a failure to appreciate Europe's leading role in the world. Instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you to meet common challenges, there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive."

Barack Hussein Obama, April 3. 2009, Strausbourg, France, 500 miles from Normandy Beach, where the sand is still stained with 65-year-old blood of "Arrogant Americans."

Let me guess, JFK was just another "old sticky white man."

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Wed, Oct 21, 2009, at 10:13 PM

So now we are beginning to learn that the Senate Finance Committee floated a exemption that allows WalMart, Caterpillar, Xerox, and others a loophole from some rules and restrictions imposed on other insurers. The deal was negotiated with a coalition of self-insured corporations by "Obama's top aides and leading Democrats."

WALMART! The poster child for the lib's disgust with greedy corporations? WTF?

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 9:31 AM


What tax hike are you referring to about Reagan and Bush signing the 2 largest tax hikes in history? I know it's not income taxes so I'm curious for some specifics.

-- Posted by McCook1 on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 11:40 AM

One Bush raises taxes, one Bush lowers taxes, leftys b***h about both! The "one" triples the deficit in his first year, with projections way beyond that for coming years, and "no problem, it's the Bush's fault."


-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 12:27 PM

Following Reagan's tax cuts in 1981, sharp rollbacks of corporate tax cuts, among other increases, amounted to a reversal of approximately 1/3 of the 1981 cuts. In 1983, the Social Security Reform package was passed, increasing the SS and Medicare payroll taxes. Of course, I am sure the Democraps were strongly opposed to passing any legislation designed to ensure the viablity of the Social Security/Medicare system into the 21st century (which by the way, it did)! But, sadly, the leftists want to tell a different story!

The old axiom still holds true "Tell a lie loud enough and long enough, and it becomes the truth."

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 1:39 PM

Then, in 1993 the "great groper" performed the minor miracle of passing another huge tax increase (between private sessions in the Oval Office) that seems to have been sanitized from history according to the gospel of the left!

Of course "Reagonomics" were failed policy (according to the left), but "print and handout" will prove to be great fiscal policy? What a Crock!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 1:59 PM

Easy answer! The "ONE" promised to print money and hand it out! Those who wanted free health care, free housing, and free ObamaMoney, voted early and often. Course, none of that is "free" (nor has it been forth-coming)but they were too stupid to care!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 2:28 PM

And meanwhile, your "Community Organizer" is sodomizing our economy, and you seem to be one of those that are too stupid to care!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 2:41 PM

By the way, what is an "oprerative"? Is that something we need to get vaccinated for?

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 2:49 PM

Your buddy Rangel and his pals pushed Fannie and Freddie, along with the rest of the credit market, to make it easy for anyone to buy a house, even though they had no prayer of being able to pay for it, even in a good economy. Of course, everyone had a "right" to a $500,000 house, the same as they have a "right" to free health care! Then the creditors laid that s**t off to the insurers, because the insurers looked at it as "easy money" and then it all unraveled.



Typical moronic leftist response! Find Someone to Blame!!!!!!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 3:00 PM

There you go with the name-calling again!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 3:02 PM

Just wondering about some of the RECENT historical revisionists here.

I do seem to recall the Reagan/Bush years ended with a rather serious economic downturn -- Just a small matter of FARM AUCTIONS, resulting from massive farm foreclosures, plus small business collapses, plus huge home foreclosure rates, plus the complete collapse of Western Metals Mining, timber industries and oil exploration.

So much for Reaganomics.

Well except for the actor Presidents little speaking tour of Japan, which netted him several million -- ON THE RECORD.

Following Reagan -- we had Poppa Bush,who actually got to harvest the eggs deposited by Reaganomics -- how do you spell T-R-I-C-K-L-E D-O-W-N-!~!-?????

As a pretty good indicator of the near total collapse at that time -- IOWA LOST 500 NEWSPAPERS.

That's right -- 500 Iowa communities could no longer support a community newspaper.

Now -- we are living the results of Baby Bush's financial genius.

To date, President Obama is strictly operating with the Bush/Cheney, 2008-2009 Federal Budget.

NOT one dime for any of the Obama programs has been spent.

The economic bail outs were started in September, 2008 with the Auto Industry, then October and November, 2008 with the banks, Wall Street and AIG.

ALL Bush/Cheney programs, in place and funded when the new president took office Jan. 20, 2009.

Virtually all of those corporate welfare recipients came back after January and the new bailouts included oversight.

You may have noticed, the 25 top executives of each of those companies just got their paychecks trimmed, thanks to the last federal help.

The $2-Million men became $200,000 men. Tough!!

The impressive thing about our Neo-Con bloggers is that they have much more high-level financial knowledge than all of the world's economists, the House and Senate Budget offices and the Executive budget offices combined.

With all that economic genius available to southwest Nebraska -- it will probably be the new Garden of Eden within three years.

And then again, Sam, Scepter, Chunky and you other High Plains financiers -- Hope you will pardon me if I don't hold my breath until that happens.

Of course, once I learn you are arriving at McCook International Airport in your private 747, I'll be the first to come in by Amtrak to cheer you on.

-- Posted by HerndonHank on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 3:28 PM

Amtrack doesn't run to Herndon! And a 747 has too big a carbon footprint!

So what if the $2 Million men became the $200,000 men? Do you really think the taxpayer will ever see one dime of the bailout money returned? If so, enjoy your visit with the tooth fairy! By the way, who is administering that money? Is Bush working out of a back office on the Hill, keeping track of the bailout money? NOT! Course no-one else is tracking it either! But, it makes for good fuel for the leftys to promote their class-warfare when they sock it to the rich (big deal, they limited pay on a few executives and forced the company to save a few million out of billions)and promise to hand out ObamaMoney.

High-plains genious or no, "print it and give it away" probably won't win a Nobel prize for economics, although "community organizing" sure did!

And how many millions has the clown that Bush defeated collected so far from his speaking tours and skunk-oil trading ventures? You deny an ex-president the opportunity to go on speaking tours? If so, make the ex-groper-in-chief stay home!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 3:51 PM


Chicago Sun-Times says it well! I suppose they won't be considered a "news"paper anymore?

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 4:37 PM

"To date, President Obama is strictly operating with the Bush/Cheney, 2008-2009 Federal Budget."

Now I know I didn't get my degree at Herndon University, but the Federal FY ended 9/30/09, which means as of 10/1/09, its the Obama FY. Maybe we need to change the FY to revise your history?

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 8:05 PM


From the Denver Post. That thud you hear is the Post falling from the ranks of the "news" organization!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 10:04 PM



Feel a slipping sensation?????

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 10:18 PM

It's time for BHO to appoint a "news czar."

He has got to get this s**t under control!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 10:21 PM

No, you take the job, you seem to be real comfortable shilling for the "chosen one."

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 10:27 PM

The seven deadly sins of narcissism:

Shamelessness - Shame is the feeling that lurks beneath all unhealthy narcissism, and the inability to process shame in healthy ways.

Magical thinking - Narcissists see themselves as perfect using distortion and illusion known as magical thinking. They also use projection to shame dump onto others.

Arrogance - If a narcissist is feeling deflated, he can reinflate himself by diminishing, debasing or degrading somebody else.

Envy - If the narcissist's need to secure a sense of superiority meets an obstacle because of somebody else, he neutralises it using contempt to minimise the other person's ability

Entitlement - Narcissists hold unreasonable expectations of particularly favorable treatment and automatic compliance because they consider themselves uniquely special. Any failure to comply will be considered an attack on their superiority and the perpetrator is considered to be an "awkward" or "difficult" person. Defiance of their will is a narcissistic injury that can trigger narcissistic rage.

Exploitation - can take many forms but always involves the using of others without regards for their feelings or interests. Often the other is in a subservient position where resistance would be difficult or even impossible. Sometimes the subservience is not so much real as assumed.

Bad Boundaries - narcissists do not recognize that they have boundaries and that others are separate and are not extensions of themselves. Others either exist to meet their needs or may as well not exist at all. Those who provide narcissistic supply to the narcissist will be treated as if they are part of the narcissist and be expected to live up to those expectations. In the mind of a narcissist, there is no boundary between self and other.

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 10:40 PM

Now I know I didn't get my degree at Herndon University, but the Federal FY ended 9/30/09, which means as of 10/1/09, its the Obama FY. Maybe we need to change the FY to revise your history?

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Thu, Oct 22, 2009, at 8:05 PM

Duffy, Ol' Bean --

The Fiscal Year is the Fiscal Year.

The first budget to be approved by President Obama is several months from passage -- or haven't you noticed.

The current budget was authorized by a budget bill signed by a certain George W. Bush.

Someone complained that the taxpayers will never see any of the bailout money again.

Actually some of the banks have begun repayment.

I'll admit to being as surprised as anyone.

What is disgusting is that the bailed out banks have not put any of that taxpayers money into the small business and home purchase credit markets.

As REPUBLICAN APPOINTEE to the Federal Reserve Chairmanship Ben Bernake pointed out this month -- "The banks are going right back into the risky loans which got them into trouble to begin with."

I've been trying to find just one of those Bailed Out Bank Presidents who is a REGISTERED Democrat.


They are every dadburn one of them -- REPUBLICANS!!!

Of course, after the last two days, with 90% pay cuts ordered from the "Bail Out" overseers, they are decidedly less wealthy Republican Welfare recipients.

Anyone out here on the High Plains want to volunteer to take a pay adjustment to just $200,000 annually?

-- Posted by HerndonHank on Fri, Oct 23, 2009, at 3:55 PM

I want to know why the government hasn't done anything about the swine flu. Instead of the governement doing there job and dealing with a Nation wide crisis, they just put there heads in the sand and watch as thousands die.

It is easy to attack the banks, insurance companies, oil companies, Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, rich people, executives, Fox news. It is also easy to distract by talking about taxing the rich, cap and trade, free health care for most (someone has to pay), winning noble prizes and traveling all over the world.

All the while we had a medical crisis last January and it is returning. The Government has igonored the problem and thousands are going to die.

Before this flu season is over more Americans will have died from the flu than all our citizens killed in Iraq and Afganistan.

How are you people that are so biased going to blame others but yourselves for that?????

-- Posted by wallismarsh on Sat, Oct 24, 2009, at 9:04 AM

Don't you know, wallismarsh? It is Bush's fault, like everything else! (sarcasm)

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Sat, Oct 24, 2009, at 9:34 AM

And what difference does it make if they have? You got it, so what? Do you think they are doing a great job with the vaccine? Short shipments, limited availability! Those issues are real, not imagined. Politicize them if you must, but they are real.

Katrina! If you look up and see a tornado coming, and you choose to stand in your yard instead of heading for the basement, just what do you expect your government to do for you? If things were not handled well in New Orleans, there is plenty of folks to blame, if that is what you choose to do. Of course, don't expect anyone to show any personal responsibility, that is not the leftist way!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Sat, Oct 24, 2009, at 10:35 AM



-- Posted by dufferxyz on Sat, Oct 24, 2009, at 1:12 PM


ABC News


-- Posted by dufferxyz on Sat, Oct 24, 2009, at 1:56 PM

Already got it, just like you! So what? Even your buddy Farrakhan (now there is a real racist) is spreading BS about the vaccine! What planet do you suppose he is on?


-- Posted by dufferxyz on Sat, Oct 24, 2009, at 2:11 PM

No, I am looking for a purple t-shirt with "SEIU" on it, and khaki pants so I can pass myself off as an ObamaThug! Can you spare me some of your extras?

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Sat, Oct 24, 2009, at 2:44 PM

Tin Foil Hat!! Now that's funny!!!! I am ROTFLMAO, not even bothered that you are still labeling! Yup, I got 7 of them, all different colors. Don't really have one that wouldn't clash with purple, so I think I will wear the pink one! Have fun with that one! Meanwhile, go over to the other blog and answer my damn question!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Sat, Oct 24, 2009, at 3:47 PM

I think I will send one of my extra tin foil hats to Washington, for the "news czar" to wear!

-- Posted by dufferxyz on Sat, Oct 24, 2009, at 4:18 PM

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