Can you spend even the shortest day entirely offline?

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Although they want us to buy as much of their product as possible, beer companies regularly urge us to “drink responsibly,” knowing it puts their companies in a better light.

With the internet proving to be just as addictive as alcohol, a wireless company is using the winter solstice to urge its customers to “sober up” from cellphone use, if even for the shortest day of the year.

Is cellphone addiction really a problem?

U.S. Cellular did a survey that found two in five cellphone owners said they would rather live without water than their smartphones for one day.

Mike Adams, the company’s Nebraska and Iowa sales director, says they’re urging customers to cultivate healthier cellphone habits on Dec. 21.

“Technology is a great way to stay connected, but we have to be smart about when and how much we use our smartphones,” he said, urging customers to work habits to “bring more balance to our lives.”

Saturday would be a great day, he says to unplug and do the following:

-- Focus on self-care. Read, take a yoga class or do something for yourself that is relaxing -- invest in your own physical and mental health.

-- Take a break from social media and emphasize in-person time.

-- Instead of a digtal photo album, make a real scrapbook. Take singing lessons, learn to paint or join a hiking club to interact with the real world.

-- Control your own screen time. Designate times to check emails or social media and don’t let work interfere with time set aside for family, hobbies and other interests.

-- Use smartphone features or apps such as “do not disturb” to limit time on phones, and turn off notifications for all but essential communications.

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