Letter to the Editor

Tending a garden of souls

Monday, April 29, 2019

Dear Editor

The medicaid funding crisis brought together many people who appreciate and care about their county nursing home.

This dedication is a pleasant reminder of how Red Willow County citizens came together and voted to build

Hillcrest Nursing Home in 1963. Hillcrest is not just a building. Yes, it is a senior health care facility but it is more

like a garden of souls that need tending.

Let's look at our garden. A garden is perpetual care. It is not a piece of farm equipment that can be traded off

whenever it breaks down. A garden grows with sweat, hope and love for what has been planted. A garden is similar

to what Red Willow County gardeners-farmers planted for future senior care needs.

The Wednesday night public meeting provided an opportunity for Hillcrest staff members to describe what it means to them to

care and share with residents and families. They described a home where life is real and love is shared with hundreds of families

experiencing situations that bring them together.

Red Willow County citizens joined in on the medicaid funding awareness with many letters, calls and emails to Lincoln.

We await the actions of our senators and governor. Whatever the outcome, We believe our people will tend our own

garden with consistent and loving concern for Hillcrest Nursing Home.

So, what happens now? How about using this opportunity to expand the circle of Hillcrest gardening throughout Red Willow County and area? We can continue to tend our own garden by spreading the good word and being inclusive with various forms of communication. Volunteers are always welcome. Yes, let's get back to Red Willow County's enthusiasm of the sixties and let it grow with the support of a wonderful and caring facility...our garden of souls.

For all those that have passed through the gate.

Don Harpst and Dr. Bill Graves

McCook, Neb.

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