Be thankful you stayed home on Thanksgiving eve

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

If the conversation seems a little subdued and strained around the Thanksgiving table Thursday, it may be the leftovers.

No, the food will be fresh, but those inclined to enjoy a few too many drinks the night before may not be in a mood to talk.

Kids home from college, friends and family in from out of town and the knowledge that the following day is a day off have combined to make the Wednesday before Thanksgiving one of the biggest party nights of the year.

“Drinksgiving” has become the busiest bar night of the week, according to industry sources.

Taking part in “Blackout Wednesday” carries all of the usual hazards associated with heavy drinking — dangerous, regrettable behavior, alcohol poisoning, auto accidents, health problems, and on and on.

Add a hangover to the tensions that can accompany family gatherings, and you may be thankful when Thanksgiving is over.

It’s good to reconnect with friends and family we may not see more than once a year, but don’t let too much alcohol ruin what should be a happy reunion.

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