Want to honor our veterans? Put their skills to work

Monday, November 12, 2018

Cruise social media today and you’ll see many Veterans Day posts honoring those who have served in the military. We owe much to them, not least of which is the opportunity to prosper under our form of government.

It’s easy and proper to say “thank you for your service,” but the words aren’t much comfort to a veteran who is having a hard time finding a job.

It’s a bigger problem than we may realize, considering the current low level of unemployment.

Every year, about 200,000 men and women leave the military, and about a third of them are underemployed, 15 percent higher than non-veteran job seekers, according to a ZipRecruiter report (http://bit.ly/2OBjU1G).

Not every veteran is suitable for any particular position, of course, but the military does provide common traits that can benefit any employer.

— Teamwork. Recruits are taught to support team members and collaborate with people around you.

— Commitment. Joining the military is a commitment for a certain length of time that doesn’t leave room for quitting if the going gets tough.

— Communication. Communication skills honed in combat can be extremely valuable in high-pressure, fast-paced situations in a civilian job.

— Dedication. Veterans know promotions have to be earned.

— Following orders. Obedience is ingrained from the first days in the military, without compromising the ability to think independently.

— Problem-solving. The ability to think quickly on your feet is valuable in civilian jobs as well.

— Respect. Respect for your superiors and team members is vital across any industry.

Offering a job to a veteran should not be seen as an act of charity, but a shrewd business move that can pay off in years prosperity for years to come.

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