Mega MIllions: Well, we can all dream

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Some steady drinkers like to joke that New Yearís Eve is ďamateur night,Ē when those who donít imbibe regularly tend to have one too many.

Regular lottery players might make the same joke today as they wait in line to buy a Mega Millions ticket, which, after nearly three months without a winner, could be worth $654 million in tonightís drawing.

No winner is likely to receive that much since thatís the 29-year payout.

The cash payout would be $372 million before the tax man holds out his hand.

Of course, your odds of winning the jackpot improve only slightly by buying a ticket ó there are 302.5 million chances you wonít win to your one chance you will.

The last time anyone won was July 24, when a California group claimed a $543 million prize.

If you do happen to win, lottery watchers would appreciate it if you would claim it as soon as possible.

Theyíve been holding their breath over a $1 million Powerball ticket: 9, 10, 12, 17 and 23, that has been unclaimed since April 18. The prize had to be claimed by Monday, or the cash would roll over into future games.

There was no word whether Robert Abraham had simply overlooked the ticket or was holding out to increase the drama, but he didnít turn in his ticket until Friday. Had he matched the Powerball, 9, his ticket would have been worth $122 million before taxes.

Donít feel too guilty if you find yourself in line with the other ďamateursĒ plunking down a couple of bucks for a chance at the dream of a lifetime.

But donít forget a couple of lottery tickets, like a couple of drinks, could too easily turn into a giant hangover.

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