Frost burglars should make the right choice

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

If you’ve ever moved, you know drill.

“Where did my (fill in the blank) go?”

New Nebraska football coach Scott Frost had that question when he checked the garage in his new home, undergoing renovation in Lincoln.

Missing was an estimated $172,600 worth of football memorabilia, including two Nebraska championship rings, 10 Oregon championship rings, two Central Florida championship rings, five pairs of Air Jordan shoes, football helmets and a gaming console.

Apparently entering through an unlocked garage door, the thieves also ripped the electronic keypad off a gun safe, although there was no report of any guns missing.

With the chaos of moving, not to mention the high expectations of taking over a struggling football program, Frost can be forgiven for being mistaken about some of the missing stuff.

Monday, it was reported that all of his championship rings, the gaming console and one Central Florida football helmet were not actually missing, but shoes, five other football helmets and photographs were still gone.

Wood River generally gets credit for launching Frost’s football career, but McCook likes to think we played a part as well, in his pre-high school playing years while his parents coached the Bison.

Truth be told, the burglars will have trouble fencing the memorabilia, given the rabid nature and wide dispersion of Nebraska football fans. Let’s hope they make the wise choice and return the property before someone administers what one former prosecutor we knew termed “cornfield justice.”

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