Higher prices boost activity in oilfields

Monday, April 23, 2018

From what little most of us can see cruising down the main highways through Southwest Nebraska, it seems like oilfield activities are picking up.

If you think so, youíre right.

Thatís because crude oil is approaching $70 a barrel, up nearly $20 a barrel fom a year ago.

Nebraska stats werenít immediately available, but nationwide, there were five more drilling rigs in operation, 1,013 across the U.S. for the week ended April 20, according to Baker Hughes information. Thatís up 156 units from a year ago.

That includes 991 rigs on land, 18 in the Gulf of Mexico and four on inland waters.

Texas naturally was the busiest, adding eight units to 509 total rigs running.

Those inclined to seek a job in the oilfields shouldnít have any problems finding one, with some areas scrambling to find workers to get the rigs going again, and overcome millennialsí hesitance to enter that field of employment.

Oilfield work isnít for everyone and is subject to the boom-and-bust cycle, but for the right person, the time is right.

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