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Thanks to GOP, it's not 'A Wonderful Life'

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dear Editor,

I was watching the old Christmas classic “It's a Wonderful Life” where Jimmy Stewart plays George Bailey who gets to see the enormous positive impact his life has had on the townspeople of Bedford Falls as he fights the corrupt greediness of the villain Mr. Potter when it occurred to me that movie encapsulates the part of the American Dream of helping others.

Unfortunately, we seem to have gone astray from that dream. The GOP tax bill currently being shoved through the legislative process in a panicked frenzy proves we have lost our way. This bill cuts the CHIP program, which exists solely to provide medical insurance and therefore access to healthcare to CHILDREN, with the argument their parents don't want to work. I guess we expect babies to go out and get a job so they can go to the doctor.

This bill promises economic growth despite the irrefutable evidence that the corporations and super wealthy who benefit will never allow extra profit to trickle down. Corporations will, after the loopholes, pay between 3-5% taxes, and these are the corporations that cause more deaths to Americans through things like cigarettes and alcohol than all street crime and terrorist deaths combined.

Furthermore, the bill promises to help working families. It will but only if these families make over $75,000 a year. The average income of Nebraskans is just under $55,000 annually so most of our taxes will go up along with our health insurance premiums. Why would we want to RAISE taxes on those of us who have the least so we can give more to the very rich who don't struggle with affording food and shelter?

Countries may be judged by how they care for their very young, very old, and very sick. Our country is making strides to throw these people away. We have unquestioningly lost our way and it makes me wonder where is Jimmy Stewart when we need him?


Pat Holder

Wauneta, Nebraska

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