Singer's woes not high on list of worries

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

If you were still awake, or not too busy celebrating, you might have caught Mariah Carey's botched performance in front of a billion people on New Year's Eve.

We tend to believe her producer's story, that she repeatedly complained about faulty earpieces before ever going on stage. Her dancers, however, didn't seem to have any trouble following the music.

Regardless, the twitterverse has been abuzz with speculation over the damage done to her "brand" after the diva walked off the stage, unable to lip sync her "guide track."

Will it hurt her career like it did Ashlee Simpson when she had similar guide track problems on Saturday Night Live?

Such are the hazards of live performances, but Mariah Carey isn't likely to fade into obscurity. If she does, so what? She made $27 million in 2015 and has an estimated net worth of $520 million, according to the website Just Richest.

Meanwhile, Nebraska legislators began meeting today with a projected $132 million budget shortfall as the main order of business.

Congressional Republicans are ready to finally dismantle Obamacare, with no clear replacement ready. President-elect Trump's tweets are causing alarms among U.S. friends and foes around the world. Trump's domestic plans are estimated to add $5.3 trillion to national debt approaching $20 trillion (http://www.usdebtclock.org/#).

Somehow, we can't get worked up over a singer who can't hear the music.

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