Letter to the Editor

Catch and release

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dear Editor,

We are fortunate that McCook has a catch-and-release program to protect the habitual criminals in our community.

I daresay that I remember a time when McCook was not so politically correct and actually incarcerated criminals for their misdeeds.

Now that Nebraskans can obtain a concealed- carry firearm license, it is only fitting that felons not be prosecuted for being in possession of a loaded handgun.

It is the politically correct way to treat felons and the plea bargains give the local prosecutors and judges more opportunity to enjoy some free time. Not only that, but it allows the criminal perpetrators to stimulate our local economy by spending more money for drugs and meth-making chemicals. Their unselfish preying on the local community results in many insurance payouts which again stimulates our local economy.

The prosecutors and judges need to be commended for allowing repeat offenders to stay in our midst. There are some that disagree but who are you to complain. If our local prosecutors and judges ever accidentally incarcerate anyone in the new jail, it means they not only failed the local criminal element but our entire community. Perish the thought!

Jim Wesch

McCook, Nebraska

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