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Lets honor vets and Norris

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dear Editor,

I am aware that the Norris Foundation is planning a memorial for Sen. Norris for his contributions to this country.

I am also aware that McCook's airport was named for the contributions that Sen. Nelson has made to McCook.

I am of the opinion that any memorial erected in McCook should reflect proportionally, in both size and grandeur, the contribution to this country of those memorialized. I have visited the fine veterans memorials in both North Platte and Big Springs, Nebraska.

These demonstrate that both large and small communities can construct large and proper memorials that befit the great contributions our veterans of the armed forces have made to this country.

More recently I flew to Washington County Memorial Airport in Kansas. It is named after the veterans of Washington County and contains a large obelisk as well as a large wall with sculptured brick located on field in their honor.

There is also a sign with all of the names from that county of those who served our country as well as those who died for it.

I commend all past efforts to honor our veterans from McCook and the surrounding community and I do not belittle the efforts made in the past to do so.

However, let's get our memorials in the proper size and grandeur according to the contributions and sacrifices of those they are intended to honor. Our veterans are responsible for our freedom and security that all enjoy in this country.

I urge all citizens of McCook and Red Willow County to join in constructing a large memorial to our veterans befitting their contributions. There is enough room on the proposed Norris memorial site that a veterans memorial could also be co-located.

Perhaps a memorial park could be established to honor those from the past as well as contain room for those who we may wish to honor in the future. I urge interested members of the community to voice their support of such a veterans memorial.


Dr. Mike Nielsen

McCook, Nebraska

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