Letter to the Editor

Fat lady sang

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dear Editor,

It's only logical that when a voter steps into a voting booth and sees anything about taxes on the ballot sheet, the first inclination is to vote no, but this time in reference to the jail issue, use your common sense and study it closely.

Voting no does not make the jail go away as it is going to be built. The County Commissioners have spent a great deal of their time explaining what the two boxes mean. So do your homework and make sure your vote will be in your best interest.

The Fat Lady has sung her Swan Song, and Elvis has left the building. So the voices being heard should put on their White Hats and ride off into the sunset. And next election year, let's see some of those hats thrown into the candidate ring so their ideas and improvements to our fair city will be implemented where and when they should be.

Golly Gee, I love McCook,

Marilyn Cuellar,

McCook, Nebraska

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