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Tale of two cities

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Editor,

The zeitgeist of false pride is palpable in the raging war between the public unions and 'We the People.' The discourse in Madison, Wisconsin, exemplified by many within the ranks of the public sector unions, demonstrates a spirit that labors not to improve working conditions or negotiate a fair wage, but rather exerts a seemingly indefatigable force to institutionalize attitudes that subvert the republican process and undermine the common good. Every union member may not be cognizant of or in agreement with the deception in which they participate, still they are compelled to propagate that which promotes, directs, and preserves the anarchy of an ancient perverse spirit: "I shall not so serve!"

The right to organize to secure a fair wage and a just regard for one's honest labor is natural; but only to the extent that such undertaking comports to moral principles. It is contrary to justice to demand such compensation when the entity's ability to pay is given no heed. More destructive still is an action taken under such pretense as to subvert the welfare of the society by forcing insolvency upon its government. The result of reckless public policy is to undermine the community by making constituents desperate beneath the burden of punitive taxation--an insufferable yoke, but one inevitably required to appease the insatiable demands of an obese public sector. History proves that unchecked taxation is the omen of civil strife. Yet where is the taxpayer represented in this fight for "workers' rights"? Do not all citizens "labor" in some fashion? What of our demands? What of the pressing duty to adequately provide for our families? That duty is made increasingly difficult by the runaway taxation that invariably follows unbridled government spending--and its toxic effects upon the private sector and the economy. Such spending is made all the more obscene and harmful by the arrogance and avarice of public unions.

Powerful collectives have misused their leverage to corrupt the political process and the system to which they promised to honorably serve. Taxpayers are expected to surrender our livelihoods so to fund the insatiable living standards of unionized oligarchs. The common man is without representation in this fight because those we elect to promote the general welfare are eventually bought or compromised by public union skullduggery. Union leaders, and their willing accomplices in the press, propagate graft and corruption, so to purchase legislative fiat from elected officials--those whom we employ to uphold the common good. Until recently, the cabal of fraud went unchallenged because public unions solidified an unseemly marriage to unelected bureaucrats--our overpaid public paper shufflers, whom through misguided statute hold unilateral power over the purse (Commission on Industrial Relations--the CIR).

Unfettered union power rides roughshod over our republican form of government at all levels, and the taxpayer is expected to submit. Newsflash -- this is not an Islamic theocracy and 'We the People' will not surrender our livelihoods to a caliphate of public-sector terrorists. Every union member, who demonstrated in Wisconsin and elsewhere for "the cause" was cognizant of its nefarious goal to commit extortion against the public treasury and 'We the People.' Each participated to act as a means to an end, and did so without regard for the general welfare of the community--to wit: those of us who are the employers of these public "servants" were told to go to Hell. Does this sound familiar, McCook?

Somewhere along the way, public servants abandoned the altruistic creed to which they presumably felt called to serve; and the prize made more attractive through pride and ego became not a servant's heart, but rather the cult of personality and spirit of avarice. Greed is the true motivator behind this unhinged cacophony for collective bargaining rights within the public sector. The Devil is always waiting in the wings to satisfy the insatiable egos of unprincipled fools, those who dream big and act small. Let us hope that the sitting members of Nebraska's Business and Labor Committee, and those citizens who serve on the McCook City Council, possess better judgment then the protesting public-sector fools in Wisconsin. Time is short; the Nebraska Unicameral has rightly curtailed state spending ... Et tu, McCook?

Bruce C. Desautels

Stratton Nebraska

SW Nebraska TEA Party

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  • One can't help but notice that, in the comments about being"bought" the actions of supposed captains of industry like the billionaire Koch brothers and their like are ignored and if the writer believes that segment of our socioeconomic system has the best interests of the working person or the average consumer in mind then there's an ignorance and a naivete there that may be insurmountable. I've also noticed that the people who holler the loudest for reduced spending are generally also the same bunch who holler first and loudest when services they deemed important are reduced as a result.I'd wager, too that regardless of where the writer works they enjoy some benefits and working conditions resulting from the past actions of organized labor.

    -- Posted by davis_x_machina on Fri, Mar 11, 2011, at 8:45 AM
  • *

    To davis:

    1) Neither I nor my wife take a dime of government socialist "services." In fact, I despise those who do, since 90 percent are likely based on fraudulent claims. Those "progressive" government tit-sucking parasites, whom yo defend, are responsible for bankrupting our country, jeopardizing the solvency of our state, and corrupting the culture in general. Your response suggests that you are quite satisfied with these results; Or perhaps you are no more than another useful idiot of the Marxist left, regurgitating the progressive talking points of those union masters whom hold your short leash.

    2) I do not work for a union dominated company... Thank God, Nebraska is a "Right to Work State," where parasite unions, other than the "public" extortionist variety, hold no power over those who desire to EARN their keep, rather than resort to legalized plunder, via the tyrannical fiat of bought-off, butt-kissing union suck-ups, whom presently defile the chambers of our state legislature.

    3) Koch, et al: Non-sequitur arguments will not save you, davis. I am an unapologetic, college-educated capitalist, and I do not suffer fools, particularly the economic variety.

    Obviously you are either a practicing Socialist parasite, or else an unprincipled useful tool of their cadre. You dare defend plundering your neighbor? Class envy does not look good on you, sir. Do you understood economic freedom or the intent of our republican form of government?

    What you demand is not equality of opportunity, but rather guaranteed compensation at taxpayers' expense, notwithstanding whether the recipient is essential to the public welfare or whether that entity performs the required functions to the established standard of competence. What you defend is institutionalized inefficiency and fraud.

    Nebraska's taxpayers are fed-up with paying a dollar for a dime's worth of work--and worse, paying for unnecessary work. Nebraskans are tired of getting screwed by union extortionists, those who believe that the taxpayer owes something beyond that of just compensation for a fair days work.

    State government and public-sector parasites must believe that the pockets of Nebraska taxpayers are are a bottomless pit, from which they may endlessly pilfer, without restraint or rebuke. WRONG! The "worm has turned" ... and not in your favor, davis.

    Davis, I guarantee that the days of your ilk's power are numbered. The patience of taxpayers has worn beyond thin with the banal impotent rhetoric of those whom defend public-sector waste, fraud and intimidation. Those citizens who believe in true liberty are going to stop to this public-sector tyranny, one way or another... Bet on it.

    4) Organized labor, as entailed in private sector unions, is in no way comparative to public sector unions--where no check on power exists. The employer--to wit: the taxpayer--is excluded from the the bargaining table. This will not stand.

    To be blunt, davis, you are part of the problem; and so far off target as to be laughed to scorn. However, I have learned not to expect intelligent responses from those schooled by government-run, public-union-dominated indoctrination centers.

    -- Posted by Bruce Desautels on Fri, Mar 11, 2011, at 10:02 PM
  • as you said davis, insurmountable ignorance

    -- Posted by president obama on Sat, Mar 12, 2011, at 8:29 AM
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