Independent faces uphill battle

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A new congressional candidate should be appealing to conservative voters in the 3rd Congressional District -- and that includes most of them.

Unfortunately, because of the way our political system works, a vote for the independent candidate, Dan Hill of Grand Island, will actually benefit the candidate farthest from the voter's preference.

Hill, a decorated war veteran, turned in about 3,200 signatures to put himself on the ballot. He needed 2,000 valid signatures, and the Nebraska Secretary of State's office stopped counting after 2,200 valid signatures were found.

He's a pro-life conservative who supports smaller government, lower taxes and residents' right to carry guns. Hill supports fining employers who hire illegal immigrants, and actions like Fremont's move to "empower local governments and law enforcement to carry out enforcement activities" as they relate to immigration.

While he supports the tea party movement in the state, he is not running as a tea party candidate.

"I think we've got to clean out congress and get some new blood in there," Hill said Wednesday. "If I felt like we had really strong leadership in Washington, I wouldn't be doing this."

Incumbent Adrian Smith isn't likely to be unseated, despite the anti-Washington atmosphere permeating the 3rd District.

But neither is Rebekah Davis, the Democratic challenger, likely to lose votes the way Smith will if Hill's campaign picks up steam.

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