What should the new superintendent know about MPS?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A group of McCook Senior High dance team members were asked: What do you want the new superintendent of McCook Public Schools to know about the school and its students?

Kristen Green

KRISTEN GREEN -- Our superintendent needs to know that we're involved in a lot of activities, and, that although we take our sports and our student lives seriously, we still know how to have fun.

Moriah Salyer

MORIAH SALYER -- We want our new superintendent to know that we have a lot of school spirit, and that we're very proud of our school.

Taylor Hansen

TAYLOR HANSEN -- We want him to know that we have had several superintendents, and we need a superintendent who knows how to be in charge, how to be a strong leader.

Jenna Smith

JENNA SMITH -- We want him to know that we, as students, are dedicated in all we do.

Jaci Saalfeld

JACI SAALFELD -- He has to know that we LOVE our football!

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