Frustrated weather watchers

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Are you kidding me?" read the anonymous note. "So Wednesday night when everyone got chased to their basements, it didn't rain at all!! Check your edition, you didn't report any, or add it to the monthly total. Report it right, or don't report it at all!"

Sorry, anonymous writer, but our daily precipitation tally comes from the automated weather station at the McCook Regional Airport, which for some reason was unable to record the rainfall for the storm last week.

Perhaps the wind blew over the rain gauge, like it did at one local radio station. We might have been able to measure precipitation somewhere else, but then we would no longer be reporting the official precipitation for the McCook airport.

Actually, we'd prefer that an actual human being be involved in making weather observations at the airport, but the powers that be have provided us a robot. Rest assured, anonymous writer, we're just as frustrated as you.

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