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Wrong priorities

Monday, November 5, 2007

Dear Editor,

Interesting the write up in the McCook Daily Gazette, Wednesday, Oct 31, 2007 on Study: Immigration raids hurt kids' mental health.

As usual the National Council of La Raza, a Washington-based Hispanic civil rights organization, is trying to lay the responsibility of the illegals' children on the backs of ICE. Baloney!

Quote: Lisa Navarrete statement: "We're hearing these stories every week, of something happening, an enforcement action, and kids and families being separated, kids being left behind not taken care of," La Raza spokeswoman Lisa Navarrete Said. "Clearly, that's a major issue within the whole enforcement strategy. My answer to Ms. Navarrete is: Clearly this is a major issue within the whole Hispanic community that is harboring illegals. What are the parents thinking of that bring their children here or have them in this country KNOWING they are or one of them is illegally here? I watched one night a year ago when ICE raided the meat packing Company in Grand Island, a women whining about "What am I going to tell my children tonight when their father doesn't come home?"

The truth lady, "That is what happens when you come into this country illegally, you get arrested and sent back to Mexico." She should have been blaming herself, her spouse, instead of the ICE.

They were doing their job. But, also the CEO of the packing house should have been handcuffed and hauled off with the group ICE arrested, fined $10,000 per illegal and time in jail, like five years, 10?

What about the mental health of the children that have a parent or both, over seas fighting in Iraq?

What about the mental health of the children that lose one of those parents over in Iraq? Our country needs to get back putting its own people first.

Are our soldiers over there fighting so that those people can cross our borders illegally, demand they have the same rights we have and expect us to support them, their children? Our country, leaders in Washington priorities seem to be out of wack.

If ever there is a case of child abuse, it is the illegals putting their own children in danger, knowing they are breaking the laws of this country. Ms. Navarrete needs to get her priorities corrected on who is to blame for the illegal's children's mental health, spending time educating her people of our laws and teaching her people to set an example to their children that you don't break our laws.

After all, there is a right way of coming into our country.

Roberta Felker


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