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Giving back

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dear Editor,

The Annual McCook Community Foundation Ban-quet on Oct. 18 and the excellent account of the event by Gene Morris now provides an opportunity for comment.

The Legacy Award narrated by Ron Friehe was a real stunner and thankfully Alice came through with our appreciative acceptance comments while my two “thank you’s” and a “Bah Humbug” shortened that particular segment of the program.

We thank MCF for the beautiful gesture and we salute them for the well-deserved Benefactor Award that went to Mr. and Mrs. Lemoine Anderson.

Congratulations to all others that have given back to the McCook Community and to recipients of more than $20,000 in distributed awards.

The purpose of this letter is to encourage others to make a difference in their community.

Giving back not only enhances the lives of those around us and thereby creating a more vital community, but it also provides a new depth of gratefulness and appreciation in our own lives.

We are thankful for past friends and colleagues who have led us by their example. Such as the examples as Doris Burt from Curtis, Ome and Honor Jane Shoemaker in Cambridge, and McCook leader Allen Strunk, our parents Don and Merle Harpst and Bill and Vi Hiatt, the Andersons, the Jewells, Kathryn Wall, Nelda Haag, Marty Russell and John T. and Eleanor Harris have inspired us to give back to the communities that have given us so much.

Many more persons make things work in our community and our thankfulness goes out to them for their unsung deeds.

Thanks to Gary Ginther of Cambridge for designing the bronze bison that has become the Benefactor Award.

Thank you to executive director Denise Ringenberg for coordinating this big event.

Lastly, thanks Linda Taylor for convincing us five years ago to become members of the Foundation.

While our comments are directed at MCF, we hope that everyone will consider the expanding opportunities to support the various foundations that help meet our philanthropic interests.

MCF was the answer to our way of giving back. Because this Foundation is still in its early stages, we offer a challenge grant to the MCF board to raise $75,000 by Dec. 31.

If met we will add to it. The goal is to be assured that next year’s distributions will continue to grow and thereby make a bigger impact on the lives of individuals in our community. MCF is another way to give back to your community.

Our “Someday” to give back was this year. May your “Someday” give you as much happiness as it gave us.

Thank you to OUR communities of Cambridge, Curtis and McCook and may YOUR community be part of your happiness planning.

Don and Alice Harpst


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