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BDS Foundation

Monday, October 8, 2007

Dear Editor,

It appears that I have upset a local BDS sufferer.  It was fun reading his latest rant in open forum.  I could just image him shaking his tiny fists in an impotent rage at forces that seem beyond his control.

Hopefully this dialogue will help normal people better understand people with BDS.  I always enjoy when they bring up the Bush approval rating.  This makes their argument legit, because in their universe they claim a 100 percent minus approval rating agrees with their viewpoint no matter what the subject is.

This was a classic BDS Open Forum letter from Bob.  It was timely, wonderfully written and a good example of the long-term effects of BDS upon the human brain.  It was surprising that he didn't bring up the perils of global warming because Bush would not sign the Kyoto Treaty even though Clinton didn't even submit the Treaty to Congress, or that there is no threat of Islamic fascism, just the threat of Christian fascism or any other conservative fascism.

The good news is there is a new foundation which is offering help to BDS sufferers. The BDS Foundation a non-profit group is counting on our donations to help BDS sufferers.  So please everyone send your donation today to the BDS Foundation, ATTN: Republican National Committee, Washington D.C.  Please limit your contributions I mean donations, to $2,000 per person.

Kirt Matson,


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