Letter to the Editor

Amazing support

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dear Editor,

The George Norris sculpture project has been quite interesting. It's amazing how many people in the McCook area have a connection with the Norris family and are helping with the project by purchasing a small replica for a souvenir.

Since the goal was to sell 200 of these by Sept. 29 (dedication day), there is some concern since we are only halfway there.

It is my hope that if any readers are planning to participate, that they will get right on it so that their names can be included in the brochure. The sculpture will be a beautiful attraction on Norris Avenue, that will be there for a long time. For a one-time donation of $125, readers can claim some ownership and pride in this project. Of course, multiple orders for family members, boards, employees, etc., would be more than welcome.

Thanks to all who are helping.


Duane Tappe,


EDITOR'S NOTE: More information is available by calling (308) 345-8484, and online, including an order form, at http://www.about mccook.com/newsletter/2007/september/quas.htm

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