Blog spotlights Sen. Nelson's Nebraska humor

Monday, June 25, 2007

Johnny Carson, Dick Cavett, Ben Nelson.

Ben Nelson?

It's not fair to lump McCook's own U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson with the two most famous Nebraska comedians, but it's clear that the same fertile plains that produced their brand of subtle humor had a similar affect on the former Nebraska governor.

Sporting an appropriate suit on "Seersucker Thursday" in the U.S. Senate, Nelson was interviewed by Mary Ann Akers for her blog, "The Sleuth," on the Washington Post's Web site.

Known for his "gotcha's", Nelson told Akers about his running gag for swearing-in ceremonies -- asking Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and others "what scripture are you going to read?" feigning for Candid Camera a proposal to change Nebraska's name, and convincing fellow subway passengers that their coats are caught in the door.

There's also his love of the Rolling Stones, his parachute jump over Memorial Stadium, and his identity mixups with Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida.

You can read the entire blog, including video, at http://blog.washingtonpost.com/sleuth/2007/06/do_tell_ben_nelson_a_jokester.html

It's refreshing to see a politician who doesn't take himself too seriously.

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