Letter to the Editor

Too far for prank

Friday, May 11, 2007

Dear Editor,

When did pranks and jokes become destructive and almost dangerous? I remember when fun pranks consisted of a whoopee cushion or a rubber snake, or maybe even toilet papering someone's vehicle -- things that would not hurt anyone or damage any property.

Pranks are supposed to be fun for the people pulling the pranks, and fun for the person receiving the prank.

Pranks are not supposed to shut down a school so the janitors can do clean-up for several hours, and pranks are not supposed to cause hundreds of dollars in damage, etc. Isn't that going a little too far to be an innocent, fun prank? Every kid is taught IN SCHOOL, at a very young age, that you should respect other people and other people's property -- ESPECIALLY YOUR SCHOOL'S PROPERTY!

Kristin Stevens,


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