Letter to the Editor

Apology owed

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dear Editor,

Ignorance is sometimes described as the lack of knowledge.

To Mr. Trail, I realize you deem yourself a very important individual within our community but I would like to encourage you to stop by Old Sarge's bar and visit with our clientele and staff, and if you feel comfortable have a spirit (yes there is wine).

There are three veterans within the management and ownership, with two being Vietnam vets and one a Purple Heart recipient.

I believe you would be surprised to learn that Old Sarge's is the only bar that is open 365 days a year and the base pay for the bartenders to my knowledge is the highest in town.

Yes that''s right, and do you know what else? On Thanksgiving and Christmas we cook a big meal for everyone without a place to go for the holidays and on other occasions when a meal is prepared there is never a charge.

And why would we do all that you may ask? Because our customers, you know the low lifes of McCook, are the best customers any establishment could ask for.

The range is quite impressive, and I really hate to tell you this but, your boss has even been known to visit Old Sarge's.

The clientele of Old Sarge's even have the audacity every year to raise thousands of dollars at our annual Christmas party so Old Sarge's can go out within our community and Southwest Nebraska and make the Christmas dreams of some very needy children come true (the nerve).

Mr. Trail, I believe you owe a lot of people a great big "I'm sorry"! And please remember for future reference this quote "everyone is entitled to be stupid, but don't abuse the privilege."

Kirt Matson


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