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Press Charges

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dear Editor,

I have some concerns about what happened at the School on Monday morning. Have they figured out who did this, and if so what is the punishment? By reading the article in the paper on Monday the school was treating this as a break-in. How much damage was done? If and when they find out who did this the school I feel needs to press charges on these people. It should not matter who they are even if they are a star athlete or a straight-A student or just a regular person.

Since this was probably a senior prank the parents should not be able to bail the students out of trouble. The school should press charges and see what the court system has to hand down for punishment.

If the school lets this slide by and not do anything, what kind of values are we teaching these kids today? If somebody would have gotten hurt would the school just let that slide by also? The school can take away the prom and little things like that but what does that do, the student gets to save money by not renting a tux or buying a dress, ouch.

Plus when other students see that nobody gets in trouble find committing a crime they will just continue doing it to the school year after year. So my thinking is, press charges against the culprits and see what happens in the judicial system.

Mark Kinne

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