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Honor the victims

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dear Editor,

I thought long and hard before writing this letter in response to Mr. McPhilips second letter. He asks where my vitriol is against Democratic (only) politicians, a newspaper in a town I have never lived, visited, or read their paper and the Brady Campaign. Obviously he either didn't read my previous letter in full or just chose to ignore most of it. I consider myself to have two hometowns. Russellville, Ark., (where I currently live and have lived for the longest amount of time in my life) and McCook (which is my adoptive hometown, where I lived for four years and a town I grew to love, and hope I can one day return).

So when it comes to reading newspapers, I tend to only read two and McCook Gazette is one. If someone had written into either paper advocating a ban of guns after the tragedy I would have shown the exact same vitriol for them.

Mr. McPhilips, however, continues to push his ideology despite the tragedy. I made a plea with him to honor the victims and not advance his ideology, yet he chose otherwise.

I won't succumb to his my side is right your side is wrong bickering, nor will I be sucked into his who started the politicization of the Virginia Tech tragedy, because I simply don't care who started it, because in this case both sides who partake in it are horribly wrong.

This is about those 32 people who lost their lives last Monday. I will continue to stand for them everyday. Will you stand for them Mr. McPhilips?

Today and hereafter, we are all Hokies.

Michael C. Hendricks,

Russellville, Ark.

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