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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dear Editor,

To all who shall see these presents, greeting.

To those who decry the fact that firearms are readily available in America, just remember that it was young men from our "Gun Culture" who freed Europe twice. The French and British do a lot of screaming about us and our society until they get in trouble. The French whine to the British and the British come hat-in-hand to America asking help, which they get. Sure, we bicker amongst ourselves over it, but we are a generous people.

The problem arises when the trouble maker in Europe or in Asia decides that we are not resolute in the face of extreme adversity.

They make the mistake of coming to us and starting a fight, the Germans by sinking a passenger ship in World War I, and the Japanese by attacking Pearl Harbor in World War II.

They found out, much to their dismay, that Americans can and will put aside their differences to defend the family from fools. The French and British couldn't extricate themselves from wet paper sacks without our help.

So much for gun control.

America is a big family made up of many different races and cultures. All are welcome here as long as they abide by a few simple rules. Find or make a job, pay your taxes, and don't steal or murder and you'll be fine. We squabble amongst ourselves like brothers and sisters are inclined to do in big families. We all have differences that other family members may or may not understand.

We tend to ignore insignificant things but land with both feet when it becomes major. That's why we have police and courts. It's also why we have elections that are free and impartial. The best person(?) wins and has a chance to show how his or her way is the best. If it works out, they get re-elected, if not, they don't.

Yes, America has its share of "nut cases;" Jim Jones who exhorted his followers to commit suicide in the name of religion and David Koresh who conned his followers into believing that he was Christ returned. His enclave ended in flames and death as well. We also had the idiots who bombed the Murrah Building. Not a good idea, as it made those who did it a prime target for law enforcement and the families of the victims. We also have the mental midgets who send letter and pipe bombs thru the mail. They also end up getting caught and their actions don't change one single thing.

We may not all speak the same language, we may be of different colors and cultures, but at heart we are all Americans and woe unto those of you who have the temerity to forget this fact. You will regret it to the grave.

Robert Yost


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