Letter to the Editor

Conflict of interest

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dear Editor,

Most people of Southwest Nebraska agree that irrigation is lowering the level of ground water to the point we are seeing reduced surface water flow.

The only long term solution is to treat the ground water as you would your bank account.

We have to limit the amount of water we are taking out to match the amount going into the aquifer. Until this is done, we will never be able to supply Kansas their fair share of the surface water. LB701 proposes that we buy surface water from irrigators and then send it to Kansas. The NRD is going to be given the authority to impose a tax on the people of Southwest Nebraska to pay for this water. While this may keep Nebraska out of court with Kansas, it does not address the real issue, ground water depletion and reduced surface water flows.

The elected NRD board members are comprised mainly of irrigated farmers and may have a conflict of interest on this issue.

Steve Whipple


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