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Aquifer tax?

Monday, April 2, 2007

Dear Editor,

As a current citizen of the great state of California I see daily attempts by professional con-artists to extract dollars from the hard-working tax payers, so let me get this straight: The good people of Nebraska, through daily life and the predominant occupation of the region, "food production," are somehow causing harm, and need to pay a tax to make it right?

[("Many uncertainties remain over new river compromise" (http://www.mccookgazette. com/story/1196141.html)]

Haven't billions in dollars gone to government agencies like Water and Power Resources to "manage" the water supply; and if there is a failure, should it not come out of that budget?

If our already-spent tax dollars failed to avert this, what assurance do we have it won't happen again and again.

Maybe the only aquifer that needs better management is the tax aquifer?

Scott Boone,

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