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Don't count on help

Friday, January 5, 2007

Dear Editor,

I'd like to share one of the most heartless, greedy stories, that you might of ever heard. Friday night, at about 7 or 8 in the evening, my husband, who is trying to make it home to us, (we live about five miles southwest of McCook) goes off the road, and almost completely on his side in the pick-up that he was driving, (during the winter storm) so there he and his brother were, stranded out in the country, in a snow storm, at night, with no coats or gloves, with the pick-up in the ditch.

After having been out there for a hour and a half or so, they were feeling pretty helpless, when a pick-up pulled up and the driver hung his head out the window and said, "you need to get out of my way, I've got **** to do in town.

Thank God that my husband's dad decided that he'd better go looking for them, because the fellow that pulled up was not going to offer any help, or a ride to safety, not even a good luck!

AND THE STORY GOES ON! The following Monday, the  rural roads are still pretty bad, and my husband gets stuck again, trying to go to work in the evening, but this time a different guy stops and helps pull him out, then proceeds to tell my husband that the tow strap is frayed and so he was gonna have to follow him to the shop to pay for the tow strap and to pay for pulling his car out of the snow.

So my husband followed him back to the shop, confused, not knowing that this guy was gonna charge him, but was willing to pay, because he was grateful.

Anyway when he got to the shop and the guy and his boss didn't have any clue how much they wanted for the tow strap, my husband told them, 'Look, I don't have my checkbook on me anyway, but I live just down the road, so please just bill me."

So then the worker said  "If I would've known you didn't have any cash, I would of left your a-- in the ditch.

My husband couldn't believe his ears! He just turned and walked out. He did go back the next day, and gave the owner $60 to cover all the "help".

So if you ever get stranded out in the country or anywhere else for that matter ... do not expect the owner of (this business) or any of his employees to offer a helping hand!

Jennifer Arp


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