Letter to the Editor

Why not register guns?

Friday, September 22, 2006

Dear Editor,

Top Ten Reasons Not to Register Guns: (Actually 11)

11. Impossible to find every gun.

10. Guns will get in the hands of criminals and terrorists anyway.

9. Might as well start registering every conceivable weapon imaginable which would be an infinite task. Don't forget Ma's butcher knife. Heck, register all her kitchen knives. Might as well register her kitchen! You can leave out the kitchen sink. No, you better include that, too!

8. Registering guns would not slow crime or danger at all any more than registering your car or getting a license will slow the trends of accidental or intentional deaths from vehicles.

7. Registering does not address the issue of reducing criminal acts with guns.

6. Punishment that fits the crime committed with any weapon is what is needed instead.

5. We would be better off registering our bodies (especially illegal aliens) rather than one weapon in the universe.

I chose bodies because to single out one part of our body to register at a time would be exhausting. For you liberals out there, we'll start with my own two hands and you can go through your own list.

4. Can't prosecute a gun, find it guilty and sentence it to jail.

3. Public school officials would require that toy guns be registered as well.

2.  The government knows my stash, they will know how to take me out.

1. Bonus and also the #1 reason not to register guns.  Drum roll please ... 

Government knows our guns, it can take them away for good. Welcome to Nazi Germany!

Ask Brazil about what happened there recently.

Kent Chambers


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