Letter to the Editor

Integrity attack

Friday, March 17, 2006

Open Letter:

Dear Senators:

This is mainly to those of you attacking Sen. Foley's integrity. Give me a break, especially Sen. Johnson and Sen. Don Pederson!

I love Sen. Chambers for a lot of reasons, but his wild rants about the white man being the cause of all evils and discrimination are not exactly full of integrity.

I like all of you to a greater or lesser degree and I appreciate your hard work and service there. The majority of the public doesn't have an inkling of how the process works. It can be tough and ugly sometimes and rogues need to be exposed, but I hardly think you can have righteous indignation over an email Tom Foley wrote and imply he doesn't have integrity.

Furthermore; if you want to talk disingenuous, deceptive, misleading and lack of integrity; that would describe Planned Parenthood and the subtle ways they mislead the public and apparently some of you in regard to their agenda.

Kent Alan Chambers


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