Letter to the Editor

Time to speak out

Friday, March 17, 2006

Dear Editor,

It looks like it is finally time for the silent majority to speak out.

Whether you support Bingham or not the real issue boils down to a council who works in secret. If the City Council thought it was such a good idea to hire Bingham back why didn't they inform the public?

Did Bingham submit a resume as other candidates were required to do?

When did negotiations begin? How can a contract be signed before the City Council had voted on said contract?

The questions could keep coming but I think you get my drift, there should not be so many questions if things were done correctly.

Please show up at the City Council meeting Monday, March 20 and let your council members know this is not the way we want our city to be run.

On the subject of Bingham ... this is not a person who should be a representative of the citizens of McCook.

We should have someone who is accessible and willing to work out solutions to problems instead of hiring lawyers.

Thank You,

David Winder


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