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Friday, March 10, 2006

Dear Editor,

A belated hats off to Mayor Berry, Councilmen Longnecker and Kircher who voted on Feb. 21 to pursue a joint safety center with the county.

Their vote shows they have a vision and hope for McCook that will be of benefit long beyond the petty personal preferences of some city employees. They acted like a true board of directors.

The letter written by me and read by Aaron Kircher at that meeting was a letter sent the Gazette and after they refused to print it I mailed it to all council members and Commissioner McNutt.

Aaron's action showed true courage and his willingness to look controversy in the eye. I would remind those who spoke against and voted against the venture, there is an old saying, "A wise man will change his mind, a fool never."

Part Two: (Any similarity between living persons is purely coincidental) once upon a time a dandy fella began living with a lady in Nebruski. She paid his bills, gave him spending money bought him a car and let him have pets, the most notable being a lion with poor vision and an attitude problem.

As time passed, her children became more and more upset at the relationship.

After a few years the dandy fella felt he was ready to move up the dandy fella ladder. After months of searching the Internet and classifieds, (without the knowledge of the Nebruski lady), he found a lady in Orebegone who was advertising for a dandy fella. He went to Orebegone and met with the lady. Not only was she prettier and offering more money than the Nebruski lady, she lived near his family which was a big plus.

The only problem was he would have to leave his pet lion behind.

Professing his love for her and assuring her his primary motive was to live near his family, he kissed the Nebruski lady good-bye and moved in with the Orebegone lady.

For reasons yet to be disclosed, he and the Orebegone lady could not get along and after only six weeks he called the Nebruski lady and asked if she would forgive him and take him back. They agreed to keep it a secret until she made up her mind. (You know, kinda like City Council executive sessions.)

The Nebruski lady agreed to take him back, she even agreed to increase his allowance and he was happy to hear she still had his pet lion.

Once the deal was done and the secret was out her children were outraged.

She explained she had little pride and in the past she had taken her husband back after he left her twice for fancier women.

I think I'll go watch a Keystone Kop movie ... it probably makes more sense.

'Nuff said.

Bill Frasier,


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