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Short memory

Friday, March 10, 2006

Dear Editor,

Mr. Trail, you have a very short memory. A city manager is hired to administer the laws that are put into place to protect and serve our communities including assisting in making the decisions that not everyone is going to like.

Fortunately, John came at a time when the city needed a lot of help and direction and someone needed to take a stand.

Mr. Bingham didn't "damper" residential building in the City of McCook. Over the past 15 years, there has been water and sewer problems in the city. The government warned the city that they needed to do something about it and no one would take the step to make a final decision about a solution. Unfortunately, push came to shove and the government made it to where there were no additional construction projects moving forward until a solution was made on the sewer and water.

There have been so many people and contractors in the City of McCook getting away with constructing projects that are not to code. Was it really John's fault that he was laying down the law that was written and protecting the community?

Was it really John's fault that he assisted with the solution to get the City of McCook into compliance with the government on the water plant situation?

Because of his assistance and the engineer's innovative design, the city is now on the map across the country in the engineering industry as a leader.

Mr. Bingham's style of leadership was not to sit in his office and avoid the public at all costs. He listened and thought out all projects that were presented to him. Extensive research was done prior to making a decision to present to the council.

You have to remember, the City Council has the final vote on projects. It's so easy to put blame on others prior to looking at yourself. Unfortunately, the City of McCook cannot attract new industry when they are not willing to move forward in technology. Yes, there's a price for it however what price are you going to put on a town that dries up because they aren't willing to change?

Changing the type of government is not going to change the way the City is run and make it a better place. Changing the old school mentality of the people who live there and making them understand that some things need to be done to make the city a better place, it needs to be done.

Yes, a job took us out of town for the time being. We hope to retire back in McCook and because of the decisions John Bingham and the current City Council have had to make, hopefully there will be a city to come home to. The city is definitely on the right track with getting John back. Who cares what happened in Oregon ... we have him back.

Congratulations, John. Tootsie Rolls await.

Roger and Linda Henthorn

Laramie, Wyo.

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