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So long, old school

Friday, November 18, 2005

Dear Editor,

I was saddened today when I first heard the news that East Ward Elementary has closed its doors for good. I have many fond memories of having gone to school there and wanted to write this letter as a thank you to all the quality faculty and staff that made my formative years such an adventure.

Also I'd like to write this as a remembrance of a wonderful and magical place. My sister Carol and I both attended school at East Ward, and never lived more than a block away.

It was always a warm and inviting place, which really had much more to do with the teachers there than the building itself, but those memories of the people will forever be linked in my heart to the place itself. For the record, I'd like to list some of those special people.

I had kindergarten with Mrs. Heinz where I learned those essential skills of coloring within the lines. First grade was with Mrs. McCoy where I got my first taste of SRAs and the Weekly Reader.

Second grade was with Mrs. Gilliam and Mrs. Hyde in the big double classroom on the second floor where I remember finding my first interest in science, and sadly, the place where I heard about the Challenger. Then there was 3rd grade with Mrs. Fries and finally 4th grade with one of the best teachers I have ever had, Mrs. Dueland.

I know I haven't named everyone who taught there during my stay, but they all were part of a school that, in my mind, was the best school that ever was. East Ward was a very special place, and the memories I have of it always bring a smile to my face, and occasionally, a tear to my eye.

Good-bye, East Ward

Timothy Matas

1st year student,

UNL College of Law

East Ward Alumnus, 1983-88

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