Letter to the Editor

Made up problems?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dear Editor,

Problems are real when you make them up. It is time for the liberal to stand up and get some attention.

I read with disdain how Jerome Biegler simply twisted facts to prove a point that isn't provable. He writes how homosexual relations are physically destructive. One, how does he know; and two, heterosexuals divorce at a rate near 50 percent.

I would hardly say that we, as heterosexuals have countered the true way to have a relationship. He also pointed at NAMBLA as a reason why homosexuality should never be tolerated.

Unfortunately, the people who do see children (of the same sex) in a sexual way, (do not) consider themselves to be gay. In fact, most lead normal, heterosexual lives outside of that disgusting behavior.

One final note, as a child I was taught that only God was responsible for determining who was a sinner and who was a saint.

Michael Hendricks,

via e-mail

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