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Just got better

Friday, March 25, 2005

Dear Editor,

After reading your column, I think it has just gotten "better than this."["Can't get any better than this" (http://www.mccookgazette.com/story/1092107.html)]

The afterglow of this show continues with many many people that make a point to tell myself and cast members how much the "Fiddler" was enjoyed. SWNCTA experienced a new record total attendances of 1327. SWNCTA put together over 70 people that dedicated themselves to a temporary hard-working and forgiving family.

Your column is a perfect closure for a group of "Fiddlers" that put up with me for nearly three months being focused on a very meaningful story. Tears still came at the sad times and laughter at the good. They experienced a hint of another culture. Letting go was the most difficult on Sunday night at the final cast party. Exhaustion made it easier.

Twenty years, SWNCTA has had its ups and downs. It is hard to find directors. I volunteered to direct "Barefoot in the Park" if there was not another volunteer.

The day before opening night I told Colleen that someone else needs to start directing, because someday I'm going to drop dead. She accepted immediately ... maybe she knows something I don't.

Thank you for giving us beautiful closure to a memorable show. Thank you for acknowledging the amount of wonderful talent in our community. It is a delight to find and refine the mother lode here in Southwest Nebraska.

Thank you for the "Gazette" that does a great job in supporting the arts.

Don Harpst,


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