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Good choice

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Dear Editor,

I teach second grade at East Ward and have already been to the art exhibit in question for censorship.

I applaud Mrs. Latta's decision to drape the artwork. While I took no offense to the painting, I am an adult. I would most certainly have taken offense as a teacher or parent if I had to explain the painting to a young child.

When we were there, my students asked why the painting was covered. The guide and I explained that the painting showed a women who was not fully dressed and that, while very small, was enough for us (as a school) to want their parents to decide whether or not they should see it.

That later prompted a discussion amongst my students about movies they have seen at home. Some said they watch R-rated movies, while others said they are only allowed to watch G-rated movies.

With such a huge discrepancy in home privileges, I would have played on the side of caution as well, and let parents be the true censors, making the decision with their eyes wide open.

We have enough responsibility at school teaching what needs to be taught without getting into those subjects better discussed at home with their parents. Great decision, Mrs. Latta.

Kim Johnson,


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