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Recalls plane

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Dear Editor,

Some 75 years ago, I was a child of 10-12 years living in Danbury, Neb.

Your newspaper provided a great deal of entertainment for this small town boy, watching your Curtiss-Robin airplane deliver your paper via air mail.

Your pilot was fearless and reckless, too, as he flew at treetop levels in zero-zero conditions. I've often wondered who he was and if he survived long enough to be a casualty of World War II?

Would appreciate any historical info you could send me.

One of the editors of the Topeka Capitol Journal told me some years ago that Sauffer Publications was rebuffed when it tried to buy your newspaper.

He said furthermore that your owner bought Sauffer stock and did nicely when the company sold.

Yours truly,

Joseph Beck,


EDITOR'S NOTE -- Newsboy pilot Steve Tuttle passed away only a few years ago. Perhaps our readers can help?

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