Letter to the Editor

Clearing it up

Monday, November 8, 2004

Dear Editor

Larry Randolph writes "what are you trying to say?".

Well, Larry, after reviewing your excellent dissection of my letter, I'd have to admit that it might have been confusing. I appreciate that the good editor might allow me to provide a more succinct position on the issue:

Proposed: A rational person seeking an elective position in this neck of the woods is unlikely to survive the vote of fetus fanciers, zygote lovers and hosanna whoopers.

Fetus Fanciers: People who successfully alarm themselves by waving other people's fetuses (or parts thereof) on street corners.

Zygote lovers: Fetus Fanciers who use a microscope - usually Jesuits, and Baptists with exceptional vision.

Hosanna Whoopers: Religious crackpots who enjoy a good bloodbath -- Fundamentalist Christians, al Qaida, and some Hindus. It would be impossible to distinguish them taxonomically or historically.

I do hope this clears up the matter and I can count on your vote.

Bob Linderholm


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