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Used three polls

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Dear Editor,

Every columnist realizes that whatever they write about is "open season" from those who disagree with them. This is as it should be. The wonderful thing about being an American is the privilege of having free thought and free speech and to live in a country where both are protected.

However, when people distort what one says, as Gary Benson did in the Tuesday edition of the Gazette in regards to my column, it begs a reply.

The numbers I presented in my Saturday column were not a result of "pasting three paragraphs of statistics ... (I) copied from the New York Times."

I don't cut and paste anything. I used three different national polling operations, The New York Times/CBS news poll, The Harris Poll, and The Gallup Poll, all time-tested and respected national polling organizations. I don't subscribe to the New York Times, nor do I read the New York Times in print or on the Internet.

These were not polling numbers taken from people in New York City, but poll numbers taken from a scientifically selected random sampling of ALL Americans, from sea to shining sea.


Mike Hendricks


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